The Team

Mike OSTERWALD picto de

45 years
Gunki / Pezon & Michel Team
Lake / River / Predator
First fish : 1984

Bio: I started fishing at the age of 7. First on coarse fish, then eel and zander. At the age of 20, I started competing on coarse fish. As a competitive angler (since 2006 for Sensas) I won the Sensas Final in 2005, the Browning Champions Trophy in 2008 and I was twice German Champion of the clubs. I was a member of the German national team for many years. Until I discovered my love for lure fishing for predatory fish in 2012.

Where you fish: I prefer to fish from the boat on big lakes and in the archipelago. The pike is my favourite fish.  Since 2022 I also like to fish for zander, in the big river "Elbe".

Fishing techniques: I love fishing with big baits and jerks for pike.  I am good at jigging on the big river during the day on zander and at night with hard lures in rocky shallow water.

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