The G’Bump is one of those lure that just works: it catches fish, lots of fish. Thanks to its powerful rolling action even when used with light jig heads, this lure can be used in many different conditions. The wide selection of colours and sizes available in the “pick & mix” Gunki in the box concept, means that you can select which ones and how many of them fill your box. The aim of this article is to help you make your choice from the wide variety of colours available.

The really cool thing about the colour range of the G’Bump  is that you have a series of highly UV reactive colours, “Hot Fire Tiger”, “Chick Orange Belly” and “Orange Chart Belly”. You have also a range of more classical yet awesome colour patterns with the “Holo Grey Shinner”, “Pike”, “Perch”, “Deep Blue”, “Green Shiner”,  “Brown Sugar” and “Salt & Pepper”. And some of these ones also react to UVs like the flecks of the “Holo Grey Shiner” and the orange on the “Perch”.

The “Hot Fire Tiger” colour is just my all time favourite, regardless of the type of water, for low light conditions. This colour is just exceptional for early mornings, end of days, particularly heavy cloudy sessions or when the water is really dirty.

Hot Fire tiger –for tainted water.

If the “Hot Fire Tiger” doesn’t produce I’ll then try the “Chick Orange Belly” or the “Orange Chart Belly” as these 2 work also very well in low light and murky water conditions.

If the water conditions are clear and the sun is shining then it’s time to tie on the famous “Holo Grey Shinner”. Pro’s tip: try rigging it on a heavier jig head then you usually do, cast, let it sink and then animate it with a short but hard jigging action. Thanks to the glitter in its transparent belly and mobile paddle tail, you’ll create an underwater visual and vibrational commotion. This is not dissimilar to a shoal of bait fish that are panicking. When then fishing is slow, it can be just the trick to get the predator’s attention and lead to a wrist breaking strike!

When choosing a natural colour, it is less related to light or structure but, more to the type of water and the potential prey that live there. For example, the “Deep Blue” colour is perfect for brackish waters where herring can be found or in very clear lakes like the ones in the French Alps. Thanks to its perfect balance and hyper mobile tail, the G’Bump can be use with light or heavy jig heads. This lure works also really well when sea fishing and many big cod have fallen for the powerful vibrations that this lure produces.

The colour Deep Blue is also a killer for cod.

For more conventional uses in fresh water venues, the “Perch” and “Pike” colours are really great, as the first prey of the predators often being their own kind! Eat one of your own kind: get a meal and reduce competition...

Lovely zander caught on a G’Bump in the “Pike” colour.

The other natural colours like the “Green Shiner”,  “Brown Sugar” and “Salt & Pepper” are great for fishing almost everywhere and any when.  It’s more up to choosing the colour that you like rather than trying to accord them to this or that specific water condition.

The "Salt and Pepper" colour, a classic multispecies and all-rounder lure.

Of course with so many colours too choose from, it can get a bit tricky. To keep things simple, you need a base of 3 colours: a flashy one (“Hot Fire Tiger”), a natural one (“Perch) and a universal one (“Brown Sugar”) for example.


Think big and remember, no release, no glory