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Team Gunki / Pezon & Michel
Lac / Rivière / Pêche à la mouche / Carnassiers
Premier poisson : 1977

Bio: I was born and raised in the city of Rotterdam. At the age of 5, my great-grandfather taught me how to fish. During my childhood I fished almost every day with my big brother. When I got older, my interest changed and I tried other sports. I played softball and soccer 6 days of the week! At the age of 19, I started working and I never touched a rod again. In the year 2008, I had a family reunion and we all went fishing. From that moment I was hooked again! Now, even today, I learn every day a little more about fishing. It is a passion that becomes a lifestyle. I love to meet new people and share the same passion. The year 2014 was a special one. There was the Gunki Iron Tournament, 24-hour fishing competition in the city of Rotterdam. I fished this tournament with 2 other great fishing girls, the only 100% female team.  We fished hard and we had so much fun. We never gave up so at the end we came third. I will never forget this great event. Float tube fishing is also something that I like to do. To be so close to the fish and to release it just next to you, always give me a special feeling.  I keep on fishing, learning, exploring, to sharing my passion and living my fisher girls life. No release no glory.

Where you fish: Everywhere I can, I always look at the water, even in films! Bust most of all I fish in my hometown of Rotterdam.

Fishing techniques: Dropshot, spinning, jigging, Texas rig. Neko rig and Tenkara Japanese fly-fishing.

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