La team

Jef PEETERS picto be

Team Gunki / Pezon & Michel
Lac / Rivière / Carnassiers
Premier poisson : 1988

Bio: My greatest passion is predatory fishing! Searching for that rush, the adrenaline, the anticipation before an insane bite, together with friends whilst having fun. 

Where do you fish: Where I live are several canals which are very diversified, going from still crystal clear water to running murky water. This, all in the midst of nature as well as industrial zones.
That aside, I love to spend time on my float tube on larger waters and rivers, mostly in The Netherlands.
zander is my fish of choice, but obviously I also love perch and pike

Fishing techniques: I really love anything to do with finesse style fishing be it with soft or hard lures. Top water fishing is a must in the summer and a good old jerkbait in the winter! I also love using chatterbaits and spinnerbaits!

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