La team

Paul-Friedrich AHRENS picto de

Team Gunki / Pezon & Michel
Pêche en mer / Lac / Rivière / Carnassiers
Premier poisson : 1992

Bio: I was born and grew up in a small village with nature in the centre of my childhood. And sure, soon fishing. Behind our house we started to go fishing with our dad with a pole for some roach and baitfish. But after a short while, it wasn’t enough. We wanted to catch bigger fish and get harder bites. Our new motto: Artificial Baits. 

Where you fish :lakes, Baltic Sea, rivers or streams – the fish are safe nowhere. Potential targets are all native predators and hunting non-predatory species. My favourites are, in the following order: perch, pike, zander and sea trout. I love any fish that can try to rip the rod out of my hands when it takes the lure.

Fishing techniques: I use nearly all fishing techniques, but the active ones are my favourites, as they are the quickest way to find active predators. After the first catch, I normally slow down a bit. I like fishing with soft baits best. Second position is twitching, because I love the bites on a slack line.

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