The Team

Rick BARTEN picto nl

Gunki / Pezon & Michel Team
Lake / River / Predator
First fish : 1998

Bio: I am Rick Barten 25 years old and I live in a small village in the Netherlands. From the age of 5, my father and grandfather taught me everything about fishing for zander. By the time I was 14, I had my first boat and from that time I learned even more about the rivers and the fish. Even now, every time I go fishing I learn new things and I am always looking for new spots, technics, lures, etc. to get the best result out of every session.

Where you fish: most of my fishing time I spend on the big Dutch river the Merwede, it is a fast-flowing river with a lot of zander, perch, ide, pike and asp. My main target is most of the time are zander. Sometimes I also fish for pike in other types of water like big lakes or very small rivers.

Fishing techniques: I love casting & cranking hard baits, fishing with soft baits vertical and linear style, doing a bit of drop shooting or even trolling.

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