Fishing for trout implies choosing between different monofilaments depending on where, how & when you plan to fish. Multiple technical aspects need to be taken into account: level of visibility, degree of elasticity, resistance to abrasion, knot strength… The diameter will depend on where you will be fishing: is it rocky; are there many underwater obstacles…? The degree of “clearness” of the water, the lures used and the time of season are just a few other factors that will necessarily guide your choice.

Pezon & Michel monofilaments:

Pezon & Michel have been producing high quality monofilament for years and have built a solid reputation amongst lure fishermen.

A few of their key assets:

Calculated elasticity that almost totally eliminates loss of fish even when over braking strain limit.
An almost total absence of memory and reduced tangling.
A silicone coating that adds extra casting distance.
Longer lasting performances based on the latest Japanese research and technology.
Unbeatable value for money.


The Color Line range

Perfect for using lures at the beginning of the season when fishing for trout in fast flowing waters. Conditioned in 100m spools, ranging from 0.148mm to 0.185mm for finess techniques or in 0.20mm to 0.30mm all round 150m spools. Be it yellow, green, white, orange or transparent, just take your pick ! I have been using them for years and have yet to fault them.


The Color Line Bi-Colour range

They have the same specs as the Color Line range but come in a double colour line version: green/yellow, pink/white and orange/white. They are just perfect for low or changing light conditions.


The Cast Line range

Conditioned in 250m spools ranging from 0.20mm to 0.35mm in 2 classic colours, transparent and yellow. This monofilament is ideal for medium to heavy techniques in obstructed fast flowing rivers and lakes, when targeting big fish.


The Camouflage range

It is the monofilament for fishing spooky fish in clear water conditions. The alternations of different colours make it literally invisible whatever the conditions; believe me, from experience this can save the day’s fishing.


See you soon,

Ludovic Briet, Pro Fishing Guide Léman Lake & Rivers

Pro Guide Team Pezon & Michel


Pezon & Michel (Sensas) is a member of the EFTTA, European Fishing tackle Trade Association, which has set a “line charter” following years of complaints in the industry about incorrectly labeled fishing line. For more info click on the link: EFTTA