The choice of lure is dictated by where you are going to fish, the size of the fish you’re targeting and conditions of the moment. Where and when you decide to fish will mean that the strength of the current, the depth, the venues and the colour of the water are going to vary. The size of the trout will also mean that you will have to adapt the hooks. So, needless to say, you need quite a selection of shapes, sizes, densities and colours, especially at the being of the season (middle of May in France).

The Gunki Gamera range

This is my favorite range of hard baits for trout. It exists in 4 sizes from 50mm to 128mm, the 50 and 65mm models cover 95% of what I use, apart from when I’m specimen fishing, then the 90 and 128mm take their place in my tackle box.

Stable and compact, the Gamera start swimming as soon as they hit the surface. The 90mm floats as soon as you stop retrieving while the others are suspending versions; all have got a wobbling plus an extreme rolling action. This all adds up to a deadly slow retrieve swimming action that I just love when fishing for trout! All but the 50mm model boast a weight transfer system which makes them able to outcast most other lures. There are high contrast colours – Mat Fire Tiger, Orange Eggs – natural – Gold Ayu, Ghost Trout Fry – or flashy ones – Mettilic Minnow, White Fry – and they can take severe punishment even from the sharpest of teeth!

Pros’ tip: the bigger the lure you use, the greater the volume of water you displace, and that is often the key to getting those lunkers to bite!

These jerkbaits literally work on their own; all you need to do is vary the retrieval speed.  You can also add a twitch or two to give theme added life, simply twitch the tip of your rod and they will do the rest! You can even go a bit further and jerk them which will then make the Gamera swim erratically and flash its flanks. Perfectly balanced, they negotiate with ease even the harshest “stop & go”. I mainly use them fishing downstream by letting the current work the lure as slowly as possible right up to that unsuspecting trout waiting in ambush; just never lighten your grip on your rod or you might have to go for a swim! As at ease in streams, rivers or mountain torrents, I always have a wide variety of Gameras’ in different sizes and colors wherever I fish.

Ok, if I had to choose only one size, it would be the 50mm whatever the type of water or species you’re after and the Gamera 50 SP will save the session time after time.

My favorite colours :

  • Metallic minnow,
  • White Fry,
  • Mat fire tiger,
  • Ghost trout fry,
  • Gold Ayu,
  • Orange Egg.

See you soon

Ludovic Briet, Pro Fishing Guide Léman Lake & Rivers

Pro Guide Team Pezon & Michel