This year Pezon & Michel has created a totally new range of rods dedicated to trout and salmon fishing : the Eaux Vives Instinct series.

Last year, during a technical seminar I immediately fell in love with this range: First grade cork handles, precious wood reel seats, anodized aluminum, whipping highlighted with red and gold tinsel. These rods catch the eye in a classy yet no nonsense way that only top range fly rods can do.

They first thing you feel as you pick them up is the warm, soft feeling of wood and cork. Next, is that telltale crisp and fast action of a high modular carbon blank. Each rod has a singular identity with exactly the power needed to cast and work a lure, a touch of “softness” to absorb those water burning rushes of insane trout and yet the muscle to land even the biggest ones.

The  Instinct  « Lure Label » range

Destined for lure fishing, they have a very distinctive tip action which will enable you to work your lure with precision. This also makes them (and you) capable of high speed pin point casts even in the trickiest of situations and their fast responsive action will convey every gram of power you put behind each strike.

The 198 ML is the rod for summer time wading; at ease with a Gunki Gamera 50 SP or the Gigan 39 F but, if the Gunki Gamera 65 SP is the flavour of the day, just tie it on and cast!

The 210 ML has a bit more muscle and that makes it the perfect all-round rod. Be it a hard bait or soft bait like the Gunki Still Gun in the middle of a high speed current, have no fear, you will feel even the smallest nibble! If I had to choose only one, it would be this rod.

The 240 ML has the extra centimeters that are the key to successful long distance casts and controlled drifts. Be it to drop a Gunki Grubby Shad into an unsuspecting trout’s mouth or to get a perfect curve on your line to work that spinner, with its 240 cm this rod has just what it takes.


The Instinct « Spin label » range

Designed for fishing with spinners, these rods have a softer action than the « Lure label » range. Perfect for silent and precise underarm cast with lightweight spinners, the soft action is ideal to cushion those lightning hits on taunt thin lines. Unlike certain other dedicated spinner rods, those from the « Spin label » range have a ton of power in reserve; because you just never know what you are going catch!

The 180 UL is like a fist in a velvet glove, capable of casting n° 00, n° 0 and even n° 1 size spinners and yet powerful enough to counter any trick those fish can try.

The 180 L is a light weight version to be used with n° 0 to 2 and even n° 3 size spinners, a real gem for those who love to fish with this technique.


The  Instinct « anadrome » range

This is an ultra high quality series of rod designed for migratory fish. Light weight and perfectly balanced despite their length, you will be able to cast effortlessly for hours, have sufficient power and plenty of leverage when you hook into that monster fish. A fan of long and sharpshooter style short distance casts, at last, I have a range of rods that will withstand the punishment the sea trout and salmon are capable of giving!

The 300 MH is a rod for fishing sea trout and grilse (a salmon that has only spent 1 year at sea) in coastal rivers; Perfect to use with 7 to 9cm minnow and n°3 or 4 size spinners.

The 330 H is for fishing salmon and big sea trout especially at the beginning of the season when the water levels are high.


See you soon.


David Pierron Fishing Guide in the East of France