The rush of the first days of the trout season is over and the footprints in the mud and sand start to disappear, as the banks of the stream and rivers regain their legendary tranquillity, the trout swim back to their usual hiding places. I mainly fish for trout using lures: small jerkbaits or crankbaits, small soft shads or finesse baits. The wide variety of colours, shapes and densities of theses lures are perfect to face the ever-changing conditions. Whether the fish are feeding, defending their territory or in order to trigger a reflex bite, there is always a lure to do the job.

In order to correctly fish the exceptionally high water levels at the beginning of this trout season, I use suspending, sinking and diving lures, and for that, I have 2 "must haves": the Gunki Gamera 50 SP and the Illex Chubby Minnow 35 S.

To cover water I use the Gunki Gamera and thanks to its' rattles and erratic swimming action combined with a "stop and go" style retrieve it gets even the most lethargic trout moving. If I get one that just takes a nip at the lure or follows without taking it, then it is time to down size! For that, the number 1 lure is the Illex Chubby Minnow; its' small size (35mm), silent but crazy swimming action, is just perfect for even the spookiest trout.

Some days it really pays to cast, cast and cast again on the same spot! You have to be in the strike zone to get a fish to bite and the less they are active, the smaller that zone gets, 2cm left or right is 2 cm too far. Even if a trout will come and take a fly from the surface, sometimes it is up to you to go to them. In deep pools, you cannot beat a longbill or sinking hardbait. To go really deep I also use the Gunki Grubby Shad or for a more discreet approach the Gunki Still Gun. Pros' tip: to increase the sinking speed of a hardbait or to increase its' stability in the current, stick a few tungsten weights to its' belly and tighten your grip on your rod !

Lure fishing for trout is one of the most complicated techniques where the key to success lies in your capacity to observe and adapt, but it’s worth it because under the surface, gold swims!

Tight lines

Yannick Line

Fishing Guide and Instructor in Brittany, France