When the predator season starts, I spend the first two months targeting pike as zander will be defending their future offspring. Out of all the lures that I use, there’s one that I tend to use a lot more than the others, the now famous Gunki G’BUMP. Focus on this lure.

G’Bump: specs

  • 3.1’ (8 cm - 5.8 gr)
  • 4.1’ (10,5 cm – 13.2 gr)
  • 5,1’ (14 cm – 31 gr)
  • 6.7’ (17 cm - 55.4 gr)
  • 7.9 ‘ (20 cm – 84 gr)

At this time of year, I mainly use the bigger version, 14, 17 & 20 cm. Don’t be afraid to cast some serious size lures as the pike will still be getting over spawning and will be looking for the extra calories.

16 different colours, so there’s got to be one that will suit the venues you usually fish.

A specific powerful shape, the large and thick paddle tail give the lure a strong rolling action. Thanks to its triangular profile, the lure remains stable even at high speeds.

The choice of colour

That’s an excellent question ! Usually I use flashy colours when the water is tainted (ex: Hot Fire Tiger, UV Black Chicken & Fire Chart). Natural colours in untainted water (ex: Pike, UV Green Perch, UV Purple Perch…). If the water is crystal clear, blue based colours are a must have (ex: UV Blue Sugar & Fera). Try to copy what the pike like to eat, the Rainbow Minnow version is a killer if the water is stocked with rainbow trout! Perch, UV Green Perch and Pike are great all-rounders as pike love to get rid of competition.

But, as with every rule, there are always exceptions. The colour that works best in the river that flows next to my house is Hot Fire Tiger despite the water being transparent! So, go by the book and if that doesn’t work, go against the grain!

How to rig your G’Bump

There are so many ways to rig this lure. I like easy, simple and efficient rigs.

Which heads?

With the start of the season and rather low temperatures, I like to fish cast and retrieve style. For that, the G’ROUND and G’ROUND PIKE (extra strong hook) heads are ideal. I also use “screw” heads like the G’FISH SCREW which are great for many configurations. I also like to use just weightless screws for fishing shallow zones.

For G’Bumps under 14 cm, an ordinary jig heads classically rigged is perfect.

For anything 14 cm and more, I add a size 4 stinger treble hook, on the back of the lure which is ideal for fishing just above weed beds.

I also use a “360°” rig when the fish tend to attack from under the lure, which is quite often the case when the pike are laying in deeper water.

For the bigger versions, you can use the same rigs by adapting the size of the stinger and the weight of the head, but there are more effective ways to mount these lures. This is when I like to use a screw head. Simply screw it into the nose of the G’Bump and add two trebles on its belly. If I need to regularly change the weight of the head, then I love the G’Flip, which enables you to do so without having to change the whole rig.

How to fish the G’Bump

When fishing in lakes, if there are any, I love weed beds. If there aren’t any, then I fish the margins. For this style of fishing, I like to use relatively light rigs (max 10 to 12 gr and sometimes weightless). If you need to do is to cast out towards and beyond the “hot spot” and start slowly reeling as soon as the lure hits the surface… that’s all you need to do!

In rivers, I like to fish in, around and over lily pads, along the bank and in the margins. If there is a lot of other anglers, then I will leave the obvious spots to them and concentrate on ones that are harder to fish or even the main current. As when fishing lakes, I use a slow cast and retrieve animation.

A few tips

  • Always pack a tube of super glue. Add a drop on the nose of your lure after rigging the jig head and you greatly extend its lifespan.
  • Cast, cast and cast again. At this time of the year, you may have to insist a bit more than usual to get the fish to bite.
  • Fish. Don’t spend your time changing lure, fine-tuning your rigs… it would be a great shame to miss that biting spree. Prepare all you gear at home, like that when you hit the water, all you need to do is to concentrate on fishing.
  • Adapt the weight of your rig quickly thanks to a G’Flip.
  • Add vibrations, pike can really go mad when you add a blade like the FIX’FLASH.

What gear ?

For this style of fishing, I prefer to use a casting combo, with a long and powerful rod paired with a good reel.

  • 14 to 17 cm G’Bump : CHOOTEN C-225 H or C240 XH+ rods paired with a BC 200 THG reel.
  • 20 cm G’Bump: CHOOTEN C-240 XXH rods paired with a BC 300 XHD or a BCR 400 HD reel.

Braid wise, it’s time to go “no nonsense”, the 0.25mm SILDE BRAID is a minimum, you just never know what you might hook! Add a minimum 0.72 mm FLUROCARBONE ICE leader, transparent and pike teeth proof, and you’re set to go.

All the best for this years’ predator season, have fun and if you have any question contact me via Facebook. Don’t forget to send us the photo of the fish you’ll catch on the G’Bump!


David Bourdet.