One question that is systematically asked on the river bank or during a shop demo is "which colour lure do I choose?". Well, in order to make fishing easier for you, Gunki has developed lures packed in colour kits specifically adapted to water turbidity and the ambient light intensity. For 2018, the Clear and Dark water kit range has grown; two new kits for the Peps, the arrival of the new Tipsy S-XL 76 and 100, the extension to the G'Bump and the famous Grubby Shad now available in a floating version! Three of our Gunki Pro Staff have really taken to these kits, and have decided to share their impressions and results they have had with this concept.

The Tipsy version Dark Water Box,

First of all, it is necessary to go over some physiques basics. White light is composed by the total light colour spectrum. When a ray of light shines through water, it will be filtered the spectrum. The deeper it goes, the more certain colours will start to disappear. Thus, red will vanish in the first few metres followed by orange and then yellow. From about 5 metres onwards, green will disappear, then purple and last of all, blue. The murkier the water, the faster this phenomena will occur. These boxes have been developed to suit different levels of water turbidity and light intensity. Even when the water is clear, as the sun rises or sets, you will need to rig flashy colours. The same applies when the sun is hidden behind thick cloud cover. The Ghost Lemon and Glow are just perfect for these low light conditions. As soon as the water starts to cloud, I like to opt for a more contrasted colour like the Hot Fire Tiger or the Chart Ayu. What is great about this concept of boxes is that you can buy a whole box or just a selection of lures.


A large selection of colours for the Tipsy in the Dark Water Box.

The Peps version Clear Water Kit,

The Seine is a reputed venue for zander fishing. But, as always, as soon as a venue acquires a certain reputation, the fishing gets harder. Add to that the natural wariness of predators in water that is getting clearer by the second, and you have the perfect combination of factors for a really hard session! This was precisely the case when I last fish this river with Jérôme, our brand manager. The zander were clearly visible on the screen of the fish finder, but impossible to get them to bite. As we worked our way through the impressive selection of vibrations and colours that Jérôme had on the boat, I found a pack of Clear Water Kit 2 Peps, and in it was the magnificent Caramel colour. It only need one more drift on the zone we had been fishing for the last 30 minutes for me to hook a chunk of a zander. The subtle vibration of the Peps fished vertically and the awesome different shades of transparent brown tricked the wise zed. When the water is clear and the sun is shining, I really like transparent colours with or without glitter. The saying "clear water, natural colour" has almost always worked for me!

Yannick, Fishing Guide,

Bretagne Pêche

A magnificent zander caught on a Caramel Peps included in the Clear Water Kit 2.

The G'Bump version Clear & Dark Water Kit,

The G'Bump is THE lure for active style fishing. It is ideal when you have to reel faster than usual to get the fish to bite. When there are lots of bleak, I like to use the Shiner Blue Flake or the Ghost Wakasaki from the Clear Water Kit. I retrieve my lure at top speed through the shoal to make the fish scatter. Like that, my lure ends up on its own, just like a helpless scared fish, the perfect prey for a hungry predator! If you have clear water and shoals of baitfish, then mimetism is your best option. As soon as the water turbidity increases, I rig a Solid Roach or Orange Chart Belly colour G'Bump. These colours are just perfect when I want to have an important contrast in between the back and the belly of the lure. As the G'Bump is the rolling action king, the visual signals will be awesome. Believe me, what the fish see in the last seconds before it bites can make all the difference, especially in dirty water.  For me, as soon as the water clouds, the secret is a lure with a lot of contrast and impressive rolling action: the G'Bump.

Vincent de Bruyne, Fishing Guide

Le Moulin de Sauvage

Dirty water? The Solid Roach G'Bump from the Dark Water Kit did the trick.

As you now know, Gunki has developed lure kits that will help you choose the best colours depending on the conditions. All the flashy colours of the Dark Water Kits are UV react which can be a real trump when fishing the dirty waters of end of season venues. With the recent floods, the orange and yellow colours have been deadly! The Clear and Dark Water Kits will save you time on the bank enabling you to adapt instantly to the conditions of the moment. Try this new concept, you will love it!

UV react style with the Pink Sugar and Copper Lemon Peps.

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