Autumn months are renowned for predator fishing, but that is only true if you fish for them with the right lures! This summer we have had exceptionally high temperatures and low water levels, directly impacting the pike's activity and reducing their hunting phases to micro periods. The trick to get them to react was to spin a blade!

Whilst the fish ignored 99% of the lures that I tried, the GUNKI SPINNAKER, KAIJU SPIN and shads with blades really seemed to work. Be it in lakes or rivers, lures with blades have really made the cut these last weeks.

The blade did the trick.

The fish were on "off mode", deep under the cover or holding on drop-offs, and the only things that got them to react were blades! It was quite surprising to be able to catch some quite nice fish in less than 2 m depth on the Seine river with a spinnerbait despite the lack of wind. Even then, only the 21 gram version of the Spinnaker produced, they didn't even follow the 14 gram model! As the blade on the heavier version is bigger, it creates more vibrations which was the only way to trigger them.

A Seine pike caught on the 21 g Spinnaker and one from the Leman on a Kaiju Blade.

These last weeks on the Leman Lake, the trick was to go slow to get them to react. The slower you reeled in, the more bites you got! For this style of fishing I really like casting gear and especially a reel like the Gunki BCR 400 HD and its small ratio (4.7 / 1). I also like to use relatively long (2m13 to 2m45) H to XXH rods (YURAI C 240-XH, IRON-T C 240-XXH...) for better lure control and long distance hook setting performances.

A pike that fell for a customized version of the Kaiju 115.

The good news for 2018 is that a shad with a blade will be added to our Gunki range, the GRUBBY FLASH! Just what we need to face different conditions all year round and have just the right lure to get those moody green monsters to react.

A magnificent fish caught on a slow retrieved Kaiju Blade


See you soon on the water

Ludovic Briet, Fishing Guide on the Leman Lake and rivers

Guide Pro Team Pezon & Michel / Gunki