Summer rimes with ultra-light techniques! Given the extremely low water levels, the conventional sized lures used during the beginning of the season can be just too big. In order to continue catching in these particular conditions, especially in small streams, you need to "down size" and enter the realm of ultra light fishing!

The base of this style of fishing is the precision of which you can cast, and that is not only down to how skilled you are but mainly to the gear to use. You cannot use normal combos to cast 2 gram lures. I use the Eaux Vives Instinct 180 UL rod, a small FG FV 150 or SLX LV 1000 reel spooled with 0.15 mm Cristal COLOR LINE. Lure wise, I usually prefer spoons to hard lures. More than catching capacities, my choice is dictated by their casting capacities.

Perfect ultra-light combo: INSTINCT 180 UL rod + FG FV 150 reel + GAMERA 39F

The GUNKI GAMERA 39F is the solution to this problematic thanks to its specific conception. It sports a generous volume and a perfectly calculated density. It comes alive thanks to its small but large bill, and its slightly chubby profile produce intense vibrations as soon as it hits the surface. During the tests prior to its commercialization it had really surprised me. It reel conditions, it convinced me. This little rocket makes the trout go nuts, they love it!

The GUNKI GAMERA 39F, trout candy

You can fish it just by reeling in, if you twitch and stop, it works even better. The fish attack with such violence that the hook-up ratio is exceptionally high. Lately I have spotted some really nice chub, and I sure that they will fall for the GUNKI GAMERA 39 F, stay tuned!

A true love story!

Just a summer flirt? No, I really think that it is going to be a long term relationship in between us, just shows that you can be small and tubby and be successful during the summer!

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David Pierron, Pro Fishing Guide in the East of France.