The sea bass season is now fully underway and quite a few really nice fish have been caught all over the European coasts. After quite a few sessions and some pretty good sea bass, it is time to write a review on the gear I have been using and to give you a selection of "must haves" for 2017.

A very nice fish caught on the UMI rod and a WHIZ.

The UMI rod range.

Flagship to the new GUNKI sea range, they are all that can be expected for sea fishing. Perfectly balanced and with a no nonsense style, these rods cover any conditions you may fish during the season. Since the start of the season, I have tested 4 different models, the S210-MH, the S 235-XH, the S 250-XH+ and the S 270-XH.


The S 210-MH is the "finesse" model of the range. It is perfectly suited for anglers fishing from kayak that are after a rod with a short butt section. Even though it is tagged as the least powerful rod of the range, thanks to the extra layer of carbon that has been added to its blank, when fighting a big bass, you will always have the upper hand. Very sensitive, I use it a lot to fish in ports when targeting fish that I have spotted cruising just under the surface and where precision is the key. It is also a fabulous rod for freshwater applications when Texas style fishing and you need to muscle pike, zander or bass out of tricky situations!

Night time UMI session

The S 235-XH is the most "all round" model of the range. If you are looking for just one rod to fish all year round with almost every technique, then this is the one. With a very fast action, it casts like a dream. Be it for casting a jig from the shore, working a hard lure or animating a soft lure, its ideal balance and intermediate length enable it to respond perfectly. Awesomely powerful, it was on this rod and with the 4" Holo Grey Shiner WHIZ that my friend, Sébastien TIMMERMAN, caught a real massive fish; but, thanks to its specific action, you will still have fun on smaller fish!

Caught on the UMI rod and a WHIZ.

The S 250-XH+ is the power freak of the range. Still as lightweight and thin as the other ones, this rod is THE one when it is time for heavyweight applications. When using a big top water lures, heavy soft lures or jigging from the shore, it is my choice when fishing in rocky spots or around oyster beds. Thanks to its wide casting range and ultra long casting capacities, it is ideal to be able to reach fish hunting far from the shore. Anglers searching for drum fish, amberjack, ricciola or barracuda will also really like this rod.

The S 270-XH is a pure shore rod. Capable of impressive casting distances thanks to its powerful tip action, it is the rod when the fishing hare holding far from the edge or when the conditions are rough. Long rods then not to be used that much these days, but those few extra centimeters can save the day. They can really enable you to cast where no one else can and also to master tricky conditions. Live way up North in France, I tend to use this rod a lot! I love using it with casting jigs or top water lures. Its sensitivity makes it also great when fishing with soft lures from seawalls.

A small selection of hard lures.

The GUNKI hard lure range is one of the biggest and technical of the market and each one can catch sea fish! If I could only take 2 fishing with me, then I would choose the GAMERA SLIM and the MEGALON.


Available in two sizes, 110 and 128 mm, which imitate perfectly the size of sea bass's usual prey and their shape is particularly well suited to salt water applications. Ultra slender it casts miles, but is also perfect for tight areas as you can literally animate it on spot. All you have to do is give a slight twitch, deadly when there is a fish following! Its "slim" profile is also a real plus when fish in fast flowing zones. Thanks to a wide choice of colours and two sizes, there will be just the one you are looking for.

GUNKI GAMERA SLIM, sea bass love it


The MEGALON are from the stick bait family. Available in 5 different versions, it casts like a dream and, in the bigger sizes, has deep rattling sound that sea bass love and which really makes them crash down on the lure like there is no tomorrow! Its low position in the water added to the fact that the rear end is slightly under the surface helps keep control in rough conditions, just when Mr Labrax is out hunting! The new 75 S sinking version is a must have. Really easy to cast and work, it works wonders on wary fish in ports or salt water lakes.

GUNKI MEGALON insane top water action

A small selection soft lures.

Even though all the lures from the soft bait range catch fish, there are a few that I really like.

GUNKI soft lures, a treat for sea bass


A perfect traction style lure. Its impressive paddle tail and vibration frequency make it easy to be found by predators. This is a real advantage to rapidly locate active fish. It holds up very well to many attacks and is perfect to be used with the heaviest of jig heads. Ideal for use from a boat or the shore fishing for sea bass of cod. I like to rig it with the Illex Nitro Shad head that gives it an even more insane natural rolling action!

The GUNKI V2iB and the V2RIGGLE

If the fish are focused on sand eel, no problem, just rig a V2iB from the V2 range! Slender and hyper mobile, the V2iB and the V2RIGGLE complement one another; the V2iB for linear style fishing and the V2Riggle for darting animations. The colours are just perfect for saltwater too. I have had some really good results on the Red Ghost, the Blue Ice and the Holo Grey Shiner.


Smallest of the range, but do not be fooled by its size! It is the lure that has caught my biggest fish so far this season. It reacts to the slightest movement thanks to its hyper mobile tail. It is the lure when the fish are targeting small prey or when they are wary. Rigged on a G'SLIDE head or on a jig, you name it, it will catch fish!

For those that love rock fishing, give the GUNKI TIPSY and NAIAD a try, you'll love them!

Well, I hope that I have given you the itch to go and try our GUNKI gear in the sea!

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See you soon!