With this incredibly hot spell, I thought it would be just fitting to tell about my rather frisky start to the season!

At last, that long wait for that special day had arrived! Synonymous to the start of a new season, but, which for once, kicked off in abysmal conditions. The weather was so bad that my friend Pascal Lorenz and I kitted up in our winter gear.

The new THERMOGEAR suit passed the test

Each year we meet up for a week of fishing and fun, but usually all this takes place wearing tee-shirts and shorts not in winter clothing. The cold front that was crossing Europe did not affect our enthusiasm in the least, but the fish, well, that was another ball game...

Once at the supposedly “hot” spot we started fishing. We spotted a few pike shyly following our lures. Even our favourite lures like the G’BUMP, the CLIPPER and the GAMERA 128 did not seem to be able to get them to bite. We swapped and changed until at last the 20 cm CLIPPER and 14 cm G’BUMP rigged on the new GUNKI G’FISH SCREW started to deliver. These heads are exceptional for rigging soft baits with really light weights and maintaining maximal swimming action. To read the technical review on the G’FISH SCREW heads, click on the link.

The GUNKI UMI 210 H rod. Perfect for long distance linear style fishing

10.5 cm G’BUMP 10,5cm rigged on the G’ROUND PIKE SHORT-S

20 cm Hot Fire Tiger CLIPPER, a real must have

After a long while without the slightest bite on the soft lures, I decided to give hard lures go. The wind was blowing strongly and churning the water up; perfect conditions for the ZIGRA 130. I chose to fish the shallow zone using an aggressive animation. The jerks generated by the action of the YURAI C 195 C XH+ make the lure dance like there is no tomorrow, but sadly to no avail. I switched to the more discreet GAMERA 128 SP and tried fishing with a less aggressive style, but once again not  a single fish attacked. it was time to give the new  GAMERA SLIM 110 colour SNOW MINNOW a chance. It has a crazy on the spot jerking action that is just magnificent. As it passed close to some weeds I paused and at last a pike attacked.

The new GAMERA SLIM 110 passed the test

The fish was covered in leeches and hooked on the middle treble. Without a doubt, this fish was not active and had come up from the bottom to grab my GAMERA SLIM 110.

I tried the same thing again, and add a few extra similar sized pike to the score board.

Not the best of starts to the season, but still great to be with the mates and having such quality time fishing.

The season is now well under way and the GAMERA SLIM 110 has more than earned its place in my tackle box!

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See you soon.