As you may have read last week, with my good friend Pascal Lorenz, we had a rather incredible start to our season in Holland (click on the link to read the article!). During this insane session we chose to fish the margins and shallow spots, and to do so we had to use specific gear. I am going to develop a bit more on the equipment and why we decided to use it on this unforgettable day.

The GUNKI SPINNAKER, even zander fall for it.

Rod wise it was the 10-35g GUNKI YURAI C 210-H casting version. Its length enables you to reach comfortable distances and its middle range test to use a vast majority of the killer rigs for this time of the year. It also is really sensitive which will enable you to detect the slightest change in your lure's vibration and nail that wary predator.            

A nice brace of zander thanks to the sensitivity of the GUNKI YURAI C 2110-H.

I paired it with the new GUNKI BC 200 XHS casting reel and its cracking 8:1 ratio. This is great to cover vast expanses of water and to fish power-fishing style without wearing your wrist out. This style of animation mimics a scared prey try to swim away as fast as possible, the violence of the takes are proportional to the retrieval speed!!! It is an awesome style of fishing for this time of the season.

Power style fishing, an insanely fun technique.

I spooled the reel with 0.15 mm PEZON ET MICHEL COLOR BRAID, its test is far sufficient to counter the biggest fish as they try to escape. A little tip, do not use a too fine a braid for this style of fishing as it is important that the lure does not sink too fast.

With the right braid, things are a lot easier.

I have used the PEZON ET MICHEL HARD MONO for the last few years as terminal leader and for me, it is just perfect. The manufacturing process enables to achieve a high abrasion resistance, a transparency close to fluorocarbon but with extra flexibility. An absolute must have when pike are around. For this style of fishing I mainly use the 0.60 to 0.80 mm diameters.

Pike are no match for the PEZON &MICHEL HARD MONO.

The new 5 , 7 and 10 g GUNKI G’FISH SCREW screw in heads are my favourite jig head for this style of fishing. They fit into the first quarter of the lure which enables it to retain maximal flexibility and also makes it dead easy to change model or colour. The added rolling action gives off essential "eat me" signals that our fishy friends just cannot resist.

The new GUNKI G’SCREW screw in jig head.

The 14 cm G'BUMP is nothing short of a fish magnet, all throughout the season, I have lost count of the number of fish I have caught with this lure! When it is really hi-speed fishing time, thanks to its outstanding stability, the 15 cm JUNGLE is the one. If you need to slow down, then the PEPS is a really good option as it works perfectly at low speeds. If the sun is bright and the water clear, opt for a natural colour, if the light is low and the water tainted then I will choose a more flashier version. If even this does not work, try going against the grain, some days you just have to forget the rules! The GUNKI SPINNAKER can also be a good option around cover and can sometimes catch the fish of the day.

The GUNKI G’BUMP, a must have lure.

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See you soon !

Jean-Michel Dalla Corte