Each year in Holland, the last Saturday of May coincides with the start of the predator season. A date that we would not miss for anything in the world! At four in the morning we set out for a two hour drive in order to reach our destination. 2h30 later, the boat was on the water and we were ready to start the new season.

We chose to focus on an active style of fishing targeting the margins and shallow spots. In order to do so, we rigged our YURAI C 210-H 10/35g casting rods, paired with the BC 200 XHS reels and their big 8:1 ratio which is perfect for hi-speed prospection. Our choice of lures was relatively smimple : 14 cm G'BUMP, 13 cm GRUBBY FREE, 15 cm JUNGLE, 15 cm PEPS and the SPINNAKER. To rig the soft lures we used the new 5 and 7 g G'FISH SCREW and the G'ROUND PIKE which are just perfect for this style of fishing.

Once we arrived on the first spot, we started fishing, or rather searching methodically. After only a few minutes the first fish was in the boat, a nice zander caught on the GRUBBY FREE. A second one followed rapidly!

Zander caught on a GRUBBY FREE.

The bites were regular and the fish, very nice zander and perch just rolled in. The GRUBBY FREE, the PEPS and the 14 cm G'BUMP were just killing it!

Perch too love the GRUBBY FREE

The PEPS, an awesome lure.

The G'BUMP, the lure of the day!

The pike seemed to be on "off "mode, but we were pretty sure that they would wake up sooner or later; which they did at the end of the morning.

First pike of the season that fell for the G'BUMP.

The strategy we had planned before our session really proved to be good, we only focused on spots where the depth ranged from 1.2 m to 2 m. Another key to finding fish was the presence of weeds.

On the drive back, we just could not get over what a day we had just experienced. Zander over 80 cm, perch ranging from 40 to 49 cm and a few pike, two of which were way over the meter mark, I mean what more could you wish for! What a cracking start to the season.

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Jean-Michel Dalla Corte and Pascal Lorenz