The pike season starts normally on the 21st of April, but this year, due to poor conditions, a really cold northeast wind blowing up to 60 km/h, sadly I had to postpone. It wasn't until the 30th of April that the conditions enable me to organize a session with Jo and Claude, two clients, who had been waiting impatiently for the ideal conditions! 

Perfect conditions on the Lac Léman

So, with Jo and Claude, on the Sunday morning we set out on a perfectly calm lake and with the information I had managed to gather from previous solo sessions that week, we headed for different shallow zones about 15 km from the French shores. Full tilt with my new Ranger Angler MS, the kilometres flew by! As soon as we arrived on the first zone We started prospecting with the HELIX 12 GN2 fish finder, and it rapidly became obvious that we wouldn't be fishing the shallows today, all the fish had moved down to the 15 to 25 m zone!

Luxury fishing set up!

Once having decided on which vibrations and jig head weight to use, I rigged 15 and 20 cm JUNGLE and G'BUMPs for my clients. After having fished the base of a drop-off for 2 km without the slightest nibble I decided to change spot and technique. So after the potential hiding spot we then looked for the bait fish, and in the Lac Leman, you are talking about shoals 5 to 15 meters deep by 20 to 200 meters long!

One big shoal of pike food!

We switched to more subtle vibrations by opting for the PEPS and GRUBBY GUN, and after less than 30 minutes the first powerful bite almost sent a rod overboard, things were looking better! 45 minutes later, on a 20 cm GUNKI SWEEP rigged on a 20g G'FISH head, Jo had a discreet bite that instantly became a break screaming rod bending mad fight ! After a few minutes of pumping with the BUSHI XXH bent in two, we catch a glimpse of a really nice pike. As the 118 cm beauty slides into the XL PIKE ADDICT net, I know for sure that I have 2 really happy anglers on board!

XL PIKE ADDICT net, perfect for specimen fish.


Jo was over the moon, as it was his biggest pike and by far!

A happy client and a proud guide!

So, once again a great day on a magical lake with my awesome GUNKI gear, what more could you wish for: perfect weather, a record fish and happy clients! Of course the beauty swam back to where it belonged, No release, no glory!

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See you soon!


Ludovic Briet, Fishing Guide - Lac Léman et Rivers