Like any avid angler, the GUNKI team members have been waiting impatiently during the last few months for the predator season to open again. Here a few photos of some of the nicest fish they caught on the first day of the season!

   We start with Cyril Delagneau and his pike caught on an ITOKA 125 S Tiger Orange Chart, ideal for slow fishing in shallow water.

Pike caught by Cyril Delagneau on an ITOKA 125 S


   David Bourdet caught this zander fishing for pike with a Blue Ice 20 cm GUNKI G’BUMP and FIX’FLASH WILLOW blade. The vibrations and reflections of the blade can really make the difference some days.

Zander caught by David Bourdet on a G’BUMP + a FIX’FLASH blade.


   A magnificent pike from the Léman caught whilst guiding with Fishing Guide, Ludovic Briet. This fish was caught on a 5” GUNKI SWEEP rigged on a 20 gr G’FISH head.

Pike caught whilst guiding with Ludovice Briet.


Cracking zander caught by Damien Borrel (Pêcheur de Sardine on FB), a catfish enthusiast, on a White Flash GUNKI PEPS rigged on a G’SLIDE jig head.

Zander caught by Damien Borrel on a PEPS + G’SLIDE head.


Another team member that is more used to catfish, and this time it’s a nice pike that Mitch Lakos managed to catch on a 15 cm Holo Grey Shinner G’BUMP rigged on a G’FOOT PIKE ADDICT head.

Pike caught by Mitch Lakos on a G'BUMP + G'FOOT PIKE ADDICT head.


A massive pike caught on a CHATTER IMPACT PEZON & MICHEL and a GUNKI GRUBBY FROG as trailer by Adrien Rigau. One fit and healthy fish!

Pike caught by Adrien Rigau on a CHATTER IMPACT + GUNKI GRUBBY FROG trailer


 Once again, Fishing Guide, Vincent de Bruyne with another nice pike that fell this time for a GUNKI JUNGLE!

Vincent De Bruyne and a nice pike caught on a JUNGLE.


     A bit further east and with another Fishing Guide, David Pierron, who also caught a nice pike, but this time on a jerkbait: the GUNKI GAMERA SLIM!

A nice pike by David Pierron on a GAMERA SLIM.


    This time no fish in the photo, just the insane carbon curve on the new TITAN JAB rod thanks to Sylvain Giraud and a really nice catfish!

Sylvain Giraud putting the pressure on a really nice catfish with the TITAN JAB.


    Monsieur Frédéric Jullian himself with a nice zander caught on a 10 cm Brown Shinner GUNKI G’BUMP on a G’FOOT head.

Mr Jullian and a nice zander G'BUMP + G'FOOT jig head.


    Last to join the team, and probably one of the most talented anglers of his generation, Gaël Even has already been trying our lures! Result, a nice pike that fell for a 20 cm Pike GUNKI CLIPPER!

Gael Even and a pike caught on a 20 cm CLIPPER.


Now it’s up to you, catch a nice fish with our gear and share it the Facebook Gunki Group and Pages. If you have any questions, just contact us via Facebook :

Yannick Line