Essential gear for soft lure fishing, finding the correct jig head to pair with a lure is paramount for predator anglers. For 2017, GUNKI has release a whole new range of jig heads including the G’ROUND PIKE SHORT and LONG SHANK. Here’s a review on them by Vincent De Bruyne and David Pierron, two pro fishing guides form the north-east of France.

The new G’ROUND PIKE jig heads, in the short and long shank versions.

“These heads are available in a short and a long shank version and have been designed to fish for pike, big zander and even catfish. The main characteristic of these heads is the strength of their hooks which will enable you to fish with hi-resistance lines and extra powerful rods (H to XH) without having to worry about risking opening one, even on a specimen fish. Its short hook, (4/0 and 5/0) and weight range (5 to 30 g) are just perfect for modern lure pike fishing. I really do prefer using a hook that is close to the head of the lure as more then you would believe, that is where the pike will attack. If they are picky, I will add a stinger treble hook. From 15 grams up, an extra eye is fitted on the underside of the head enabling you to add a blade or a belly stinger.”

The G’ROUND PIKE SHORT-S version, perfect for maximal swimming action.

Vincent De BruyneLe Moulin de Sauvage.

Both guides agree on the fact that a shorter hook enables a lure to produce maximal swimming action, ideal for fishing pike in a linear style.

“These hooks are perfect for rigging normal size lures (GRUBBY SHAD, PEPS) with hefty hooks when big pike are after small prey. Sometimes going XXL doesn’t pay! Having said so, more and more anglers are using XXL size soft lures and therefore are naturally look for adequate jig heads to rig them. For big to really big lures, the G’ROUND PIKE LONG-S and its 8/0 to 10/0 size hook is just what you need, just like on the 20 cm G’BUMP for example. If ever the pike are biting short, then I will add a stinger hook fitted directly on the eye of the jig head. Available from 10 to 40 grams, these heads will cover just about all the needs in pike fishing especially when fishing shallow at hi speeds to get them to react!”


David PierronDFISH.

The G’ROUND PIKE have naturally found their place in our guides’ boxes. If like them you love fishing for pike with soft lures, then you’ll also love these new jig heads!

The G’ROUND PIKE short and long shank rigged.

So next time you go fishing, don’t forget your G’ROUND PIKE heads! Be sure to send us your photos and get featured on the official GUNKI Facebook page. If you have any questions, just contact us via Facebook :