We had all been dreaming about it, we being the bassmen from the Gunki Team, and at last we have our own craw, the HOURRA CRAW! But what exactly is it? Simply the near perfect imitation of a live crayfish, the  favourite bass prey and also that of every other finned predator!

A quick presentation,

Length : 10 cm (4").

Weight : 9,4 grams.

6 colours : Brown Oil Red Flake ; Cola ; Pumpkin Green Flake ; Full Red Glitter ; Watermelon Red ; Black Blue Flake.

Quantity per packet : 6.

New for 2017, the GUNKI HOURRA CRAW.

Well lets go a bit more in depth,

First of all it really looks like a crayfish : a pair of chunky, robust pincers, antenna and appendages at the rear of its body.

Focus on the pincers : They have an air bubble integrated make them float, which is exactly what a crayfish that feels in danger will do, lift its pincers. They are hyper mobile and move nonstop, stretch during retrieval and as soon as the lure stops raise up, all this adds to fool even the wisest bass!

Its taste and smell : As soon as you open the packet a shellfish style scent immediately fills the air, it is also heavily salted, both these specificities really make the fish hold on longer to the lure.

Bass just love it!

Be it during competitions of just for fun, I use a lot of craw imitations and not only when targeting bass, here is some advice to help you start using these awesome lures.

The rod : Forget finesse style fishing, the HOURRA CRAW rimes with manly fishing and for that I like to use a long and powerful rod. Since last season, I have adopted the YURAI C-210 H which has a 10-35 gr test. Ideal for precise, discreet casting right into the thickest cover and then just perfect to muscle the fish out from where it was hiding. I pair it with the new GUNKI BC 200 XHS which, thanks to its hi-speed ratio (8.1/1 : 80 cm per turn), enables you to fish faster and therefore cover more ground.

GUNKI YURAI C-210 H, the perfect cover rod.

Rigging, 3 possibilities

1) Texan style with a bullet shaped weight blocked by a small "stop-float". Weight wise, I usually use 10 to 14 gr, going up to 21 gr if the vegetation is thick.

2) G'FLIP (click on the link to read an in-depth article on it), now this is one awesome rig, it enables you to have an articulation that literally makes the lure come alive. Ideal to be used with a texas style hook and you can change the weight in the blink of an eye.

3) Classic jig head, I use this when fishing snag free areas, the HOURRA fits perfectly. Just swap your usual shads when fishing for zander or perch and get ready to unleash the HOURRA CRAW mayhem!

Texas style to go and fish right in the thick of it.

How to use it,

Just try and imagine what a real crayfish would do. Let it sink all the way down, and then just try and follow the bottom, in and around obstacles. At all times you must keep your line slightly taught  even during pauses. Simply bounce it on the bottom like craws do when they swim. When a fish, especially bass, bites, give it a few seconds before setting the hook, then strike in a wide sweeping motion after that, it's time to wrestle the fish out of its hiding place.

Floating pincers, realistic looks and vibrations, heavily salted and smelly as hell... just what you need to tempt that specimen fish that has seen it all before... Get ready to shout "Houraaaaaaaa" as the HOURRA CRAW works its underwater magic on the fish of your dreams!

Raise your pincers and fish!

So now you have all the info on the new lure for the start of the season, be sure to send us your photos and get featured on the official GUNKI Facebook page. If you have any questions, just contact us via Facebook :


David Bourdet