We asked 3 of our top predator team anglers to give us their selection of gear for the beginning of the season: soft and hard lures, jig heads and combos. This selection should help you face any early season conditions if you are targeting nice sized fish!

Soft lures, new and must-haves: GUNKI PEPS, JUNGLE  and G'BUMP.

"The PEPS, this new shad has already enabled me to catch some really nice fish! I love the 12 cm version for pike fishing. It has an enticing rolling action that makes it flip from side to side in an irresistible S motion. This tends to get even the sleepiest pike to react!" To read a more detailed review, click here: PEPS.

Vincent De Bruyne.

The GUNKI PEPS, a big fish magnet.


" First of all, the JUNGLE. As its name implies, it is perfect for fishing in and around cover: weed beds, structures... I will be using it at the beginning of the season in the 12 et 15 cm versions in order to target bigger fish. To read a more detailed review, click here: JUNGLE. This shad is built for linear style fishing and has a tighter rolling action, than the famous G'BUMP that I will also be using. One really big advantage of this lure is that it has been designed to be rigged on the new G'TEX head thanks to the cut outs on its back and belly. Whatever the lure size, there is a G'TEX to fit it!

Of course I will not forget my trump lure, the G'BUMP!

The GUNKI G'BUMP, a trump lure for pike fishing.

David Bourdet.


Soft lure rigging, this year you are spoiled for choice.

"The GUNKI catalogue has had quite a few jig heads added to it for 2017. This vast choice will enable you to match any style or size of soft lure you have in your box. Let me tell you which jig head I like to associate with which lure and why.

G ROUND PIKE SHORT-S : This head was really missing from our range, it is great to rig on the 10.5 cm G'BUMP, the 11 cm CLIPPER, the 10 and 12 cm JUNGLE and the 12 cm PEPS. The short hook doesn't hinder the lure's action and large gape provides a fantastic hook-up ratio. The hook is also really heavy duty, so no risk of opening it. From 15 g and up, it has an extra eye underneath to attach a stinger hook or a blade.

G’ROUND PIKE LONG-S : Same specs as the shorter version, but with a hook ranging from 8/0 to 10/0. Ideal for rigging the 14 and 20 cm G'BUMP, the 20 cm CLIPPER and the 15 cm JUNGLE.

G’SCREW : any size of G'BUMP, CLIPPER, PEPS or JUNGLE will fit it. Designed for shallow or deep applications, it enables the lure to maintain maximal swimming freedom while using minimal weight. The size of the screw is proportional to the weight of the head. To read a more detailed review, click here: G'SCREW.

G’FLIP : any size of G'BUMP, CLIPPER, PEPS or JUNGLE will fit it. Its articulation gives the lure a really natural action. The PEPS and the JUNGLE rigged on this head will enable me to go and fish right in the deepest cover. To read a more detailed review, click here: G'FLIP.

G’TEX : Fitted with an offset hook this will be my choice for heavy cover situations. I will use it with the PEPS and the JUNGLE as they have been designed to fit the G'TEX. To read a more detailed review, click here: G'TEX."

The new GUNKI G'ROUND PIKE SHORT-S jig head, perfect for rigging big lures.

Johan Miroux


Hard lures and spinnerbaits.

"The GAMERA SLIM is an evolution of the famous GUNKI GAMERA. It is thinner than the original version which makes it perfect for jerking. This style of animation, punctuated with "stops", added to the fact that it is perfectly suspending, was the trick that enable Fred Jullian to catch some quality perch that were hunting in shoals of small fry! It is the perfect lure to use with the classic GAMERA when the fish respond to a more jerky style animation" To read a more detailed review, click here: GAMERA SLIM.

The new GAMERA SLIM, jerkbait madness.

Vincent De Bryune.


" My n°1 early season lure will always be a spinnerbait, and I really like the 21 g GUNKI SPINNAKER, which also caught me my biggest pike last season: 1m16 Pike.To read a more detailed review, click here: SPINNAKER.

I am also really looking forward to trying the new GUNKI GAMERA SLIM. Why, well because this lure has a little something that could really make a difference. Of course it can be used conventionally, and will produce a tight, lively action, rolling and flashing its flanks like crazy, but it can also be fishing on the spot! It's what could be called a "roll-twitch" which means that when the lure stops, its head will be angled downwards, and if you twitch it on a slightly slack line, it will literally roll on the spot. You can easily imagine how deadly this can be when sharpshooting lily pads or tight spots!"

The GUNKI SPINNAKER, a must have, "all terrain" lure.

David Bourdet.


Some rods and reel to cast  this selection.

"YURAI C 210-H, 10-35g & GUNKI BC HG HIS reel : this is my all-rounder combo. I use it to fish the margins with the SPINNAKER and minnows like the GAMERA, the GAMERA SLIM and the ZIGRA. Its progressive action is perfect for this style of fishing and its length if 2.10 m  enables precision and good casting distances.

IRON-T C 225-XH+, 30-80g & GUNKI BC XHS reel : This year GUNKI has released a new low profile hi-speed reel, the BC XHS. This combo, a long powerful rod, paired with a reel with a hi-speed ratio and reliable break, will be ideal for soft lures in the cover.

YURAI C 195-XH+, 30-80g & GUNKI BCR 400HD reel : a bigbait combo. I use it to fish with the DOGORA WAKE, the DOGORA 100 the ITOKA 210,… It is also the combo I use to fish with the 14 cm G'BUMP and the new 15 cm JUNGLE.

YURAI C 198-XXH, 40-140g & GUNKI BC 4000XHD reel : a new combo that will be my specimen setup when using the 20 cm G'BUMP.

A perfectly balanced combo, the GUNKI IRON-T C-225 XH+ & GUNKI BCR 400HD.

Johan Miroux.


So now you have the pros' selection of gear for the start of the season, be sure to send us your photos and get featured on the official GUNKI Facebook page. If you have any questions, just contact us via Facebook :

David Bourdet

Johan Miroux

Vincent De Bruyne, Pro Fishing Guide, Moulin de Sauvage.