Sometimes you have to opt for "downsizing" which literally means using smaller lures. This year the top water range of lures have grown or rather got smaller thanks to the addition of the new HEDORA 43F et MEGALON 60F. A sinking version of the MEGALON 75F has also made its debuts, a small, compact missile that will cast a mile.

3 lures which prove that size doesn't matter!

The HEDORA 43F, available in 6 colours, is the little brother of the 55F version, and with its 43 mm for 3.4 grams is just perfect for ultra light applications. This tiny popper is like a mix in between a frog and a beetle size wise, a delicious snack just waiting to be eaten! Its single rattle makes very little noise and is located as such to give it incredible stability. If you work it with crisp twitches it will produce a quite noisy "pop" considering its size. You can also work it "walking the dog" style by animating it with broader movements.  As it swims along, it will leave a trail of micro bubbles even educated predators cannot resist.

The HEDORA 43F mini size but maxi pops!

The MEGALON 60F, available in 6 colours, is a tiny stickbait of 60 mm for 3.5 grams. Perfectly balanced,  it casts like a dream despite its weight. Often with this style of lure, and even more so with the smaller versions, they tend to be quite hard to make swim correctly. We have taken great care while designing this lure to make it really easy to use and for it to naturally have a "walking the dog" action. On the surface the MEGALON will lie with its rear end slightly under the surface which is a real advantage when a fish attacks. Positioned like this the lure will be less likely to be "ejected" as is will push against the water and "pushed" into the predator's mouth.

The MEGALON 60F, perfect for when small fry are on the menu!

The MEGALON 75S, Available in 6 colours, is the sinking version of the MEGALON 75F. With an extra 4.5 grams and perfectly aerodynamic shape, it can be cast to astounding distances, just what you need to cover a large area in a short time. Worked really quickly, it will swim just under the surface and thanks to its impressive stability you'll never lose control of it. As soon as you stop retrieving, it will start to sink, flashing its flanks from side to side enticingly. This lure is already becoming the n°1 lure for asp fishing on the continent! Be sure to give it a try if you get fish that follow your MEGALON 75F without attacking. Sometimes just going below the surface makes all the difference!

The MEGALON 75S, an asp missile!

So now you know all you need to about the new GUNKI HEDORA 43F, the MEGALON 60F and the MEGALON 75S, and it will soon be time to go out and try them! Be sure to send us your photos and get featured on the official GUNKI Facebook page. If you have any questions, just contact us via Facebook :


Yannick Line, Pro Fishing Guide in France.