The start of the season is nearing and there’s one lure that could really make the difference and that’s the GUNKI JUNGLE. This new soft lure has been, as its name implies, specially designed to make the fish come out of the thickest cover to attack it.

The GUNKI JUNGLE a heavy cover soft lure.

It has a cigar body and a thick, chunky tail. This specific shape gives it an insane tight tonic rolling action that starts as soon as it touches the water. Ideal for prospecting tight spots, the cut outs in the meaty tail help it kick into life on the fall keeping the flanks of the lure rolling from side to side. Available in 4 different sizes (8, 10, 12 and 15 cm) and 8 colours, this lure will enable you to fish everywhere and all year round! The vertical and horizontal colour laminations give you proven contrast combinations that will make the predators go mad. The GUNKI JUNGLE also excels when it comes to hi-speed power style fishing and covering large expanses of water or fast flowing river, the perfect all-round soft lure. Fish it fast and fish it hard, don’t give the predators time to think, get them to react!

The GUNKI JUNGLE a mean fishing machine.

The lure has cut outs on its back and belly so that it can be perfectly rigged on a Texan style hook. Designed to be paired with the new G’TEX jig head (click on the link to read the review) you have the ultimate heavy cover combo. These gutters not only hide the hook’s point from snags, but also keeps it ideally positioned giving you a really high hook-up ratio.

So now you know all you need to about the new GUNKI JUNGLE, it will soon be time to go out and try it! Be sure to send us your photos and get featured on the official GUNKI Facebook page. If you have any questions, just contact us via Facebook :


Yannick Line, Pro Fishing Guide in France.