One of the most import things when you fish for predators is to be able to target them where they are hiding. When they decided to go deep into the cover, up until now they had the advantage, but that was before the GUNKI G'TEX jig head!

2 new cover jig heads, the GUNKI G'TEX and the TEXAN LESTE.

The new GUNKI G'TEX is unique as it is the first jig head specifically designed for European anglers using European techniques. The first obvious application is to use it for linear style fishing in the middle of branches and weeds and for that it will be perfect. Compared to the G'FLIP, click on the link to read the review, the absence of articulation makes it less snag prone, especially when fishing in bush piles or dead wood.

The GUNKI G'FLIP and G'TEX, 2 killer jig heads for fishing in the cover.

The shape of its head enables the lure to "drop" forward as soon as you release the tension on your line producing an enticing "kick" action that the fish cannot resist. Its shape combined with the position of the eye of the hook make the lure lie at a 90° degree angle underwater. Now vertical aficionados can fish every single spot without losing a box of lures per session!

Paired with GUNKI PEPS, the fish will have nowhere to hide.

Thanks to its offset hook point and vertical positioning the G'TEX offers an impressive hookup ratio. We have designed it to match perfectly the JUNGLE and the PEPS but, with no less than 12 versions, 6 weights (3.5g to 21g) and 4 different hook sizes (2/0 to 5/0) you can rig just about any lure on this jig head.

With such a wide range the G'TEX will fit just about any lure in your box.

So now, the fish have nowhere left to hide be it in salt or fresh water, in weedy margins or that deep underwater structure thanks to the new GUNKI G'TEX.

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Yannick Line, Pro Fishing Guide in France.