For this season two new small models have made their debut in the GUNKI GAMERA range of hard baits: the GAMERA 39F and 39HW. Weighting in at only 1.7 and 1.9 grams these small minnows will be just perfect for ultra light applications.

GAMERA 39F and 39HW, two ultra light minnows.

They may be of the same length and have the same parentage but, do not be mistaken, these are two completely different lures.

From far they may look the same but, look a bit closer.

The GAMERA 39F is wider than the average minnow of this size. It has a large bill, and kicks into to a crazy swimming action as soon as you start reeling in. This is just what you need to get fish to react when you have only a few square centimeters to fish on a promising hot spot or in small streams. All you have to do is start retrieving and it will start to fish. If the fish need a little more to get them to bite, just twitch it and it will start flashing its flanks like there’s no tomorrow! If you add a size 00 snap, it will become slow sinking, this can be a real plus when you fish stop and go style. It doesn't have any rattles in it which is perfect when the fish are spooky or have already seen many lures.

The GAMERA 39F, perfect for small streams or tight hot spots.

The GAMERA 39HW looks just like a smaller version of its bigger brothers, the GAMERA 50 and 63HW: A thin silhouette, low center of gravity, a small thin bill and high density. The perfect fast flowing river lure! If you "pull" it with your rod, it will buzz with just the necessary intensity and with the slightest twitch of your rod tip, it will go mad! Whereas the 39F is perfect for fishing upstream, the HW is the lure for casting across the flow or 3/4 downstream, let it sink, and then start reeling in. The pressure of the water will do the rest. If the fish need a little more persuasion, try big pulls and then let it sink to the bottom and start again!

The GAMERA 39HW, ideal for fast flowing waters and deep zones.

The size of the GAMERA 39 series makes them the perfect lures for fishing during the summer or in low water level conditions. Even so, sometimes, you just need to downsize things, use less vibrations and for that they are just what you need. This can really be the trick when the fish don't want to bite. One thing is for sure; these little magnets will only leave my tackle box to be tied onto my line, even at the beginning of the season!

My dream spot for these tiny trout magnets.

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David Pierron, professional fishing guide in the east of France.