Last year the weather conditions enabled certain lures like the GUNKI GAMERA 50HW to really made the cut even compared to some of my all time favourites!

Globally the water levels were exceptionally high up until the end of June, which forced anglers to use sinking or heavy weight version lures. This was exactly the case for myself and the people I guided. The fish were really "picky" and the only way to get them to react was to do long pauses in order to let the lure sink.

After this wet spring spell came a hot and dry summer right up to the end of the season in September. The levels stayed high and the flow fast until the end of August so almost all season, the GAMERA HW was the lure to have. This lure really does have something in the way it swims that makes those trout go crazy.

The secret behind this lure's results resides in its specific density that places it above all the other hard baits. Combined with its flatter shape, compared to the suspending version, it is far more stable in the current. It's the perfect lure for high speed animations or fast flowing zones. What's more, its higher density makes it sink which is ideal to fish deeper spots. As it sinks, keep your line slightly taunt and the GAMERA 50HW will wobble from side to side, an absolute killer action for following trout.

These lures enabled myself and the people I guided to catch many very nice fish even when the levels were low. This size was a bit too big when the levels got really low but, the good news is that for 2017 there is a 39mm size in a floating and heavy weight version, the trout will love them! Stay tuned for more on these new cool lures.

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A bientôt au bord de l'eau...


Ludovic Briet, Moniteur de pêche lac Léman et Rivières

Guide Pro Team Pezon et Michel / Gunki