This year, there is another "screw in" jig head in the GUNKI range, the G'FLIP. Available in 7 sizes, 3.5g up to 28g and 3 colours, Neutral, Natural Black Silver and Orange Fluo Yellow, it is the articulated modular weight system many anglers have been waiting for. The G'FLIP is packed by 3 and each head comes in 3 parts: a weight, a link and a screw. At last, you can change lure or jig head in just a few seconds and the best is still to come, this system literally makes your lure come alive!

The GUNKI G'FLIP an articulated modular weight system

The G'FLIP is really easy to use, all you have to do is to twist the screw into the lure, add the link and then slid the head on and you're ready to fish! To give the lure maximal swimming freedom, position the rounded part of the link upwards. Like that as soon as you release the tension on your line, the head drops downwards and you lure flips upwards before diving down: killer action! The articulating of this rig will increase the rolling action of the lure. The screw system means less damage to your soft lures and you can pre-rig them with screws (which can be bought separately) and then just add the necessary weight depending on the conditions.

Position the round part of the clip upwards for optimal swimming action

This system has been used in eastern Europe for years where it is commonly used in association with a double hook which is great for fishing snag free water. When you use the screw you just need to add a stinger of the according length. But, if you fish weedy areas or hook-snagging hot spots, then it's best to switch to a single or texas style hook. You can use any sort of soft plastics, worms, craws or shads and for any style of fishing, linear, bottom jigging... you name it, the G'FLIP can fish it!

With a screw or a texas style hook, face any situation.

The G'FLIP is perfect for fishing with small lures for trout and perch just as it will be great when fishing with bigger lures for zander, pike and even catfish (video coming soon!). This articulated modular weight system is a real asset when it comes to fishing areas where you'd usually not dare to cast a lure or when the fish respond to a natural swimming action (linear retrieval) or an more erratic up and down action. Be sure to try the G'FLIP you'll love it!

Rigged on the GUNKI NAIAD, a perch and trout killer!

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Yannick Line, Pro Fishing Guide in France.