As a professional fishing guide or just for recreational fishing, catching a fish is what you go out for and this lure is the one to do just that! Since I started testing the Grubby Shad it has become “THE” lure that I would never leave home without. If you don’t catch a fish with this lure, the only possible explanation is that there just aren’t any fish!

Evolution of the famous Grubby Gun, aka the “predators’ nightmare” and its hyper reactive tail, the Grubby Shad will enable you to fish all year round, regardless of the conditions, and give you the upper hand!

The volume of the body combined with a large paddle tail makes it the perfect all-round soft bait. My favourite combo is the 5”1 version paired with the Gunki G’Foot Pike Addict Jig Head; I use it almost everywhere.

As a pro guide I sometimes have to force my clients to cast it right into the middle of submerged branches. A mess out of which it seems to almost always find an exit, well almost because Mr Pike is not the type to let this lure do so! It is the perfect skipping lure to cast under overhanging trees or banks in order to wake those sleepy predators in the most satisfying way!

The Grubby Shad is a lure that must be in your lure box, it is without contest the lure that has caught the most pike and convinced the most fishermen I have guided. All you have to do is cast, reel and grip that rod!


Vincent de Bruyne