Pelagic fishing for specimen predators is a technique that everyone will want to try in 2017, and GUNKI will enable you to do so with the new G’FISH SCREW, that and much more! Based on the G’FISH jig head, its hook has been replaced by a screw making it a multi-technique head. It is available in 6 sizes ranging from 5 to 30 grams and in 2 different colours, Orange Fluo Yellow and Natural Black Sliver.

The GUNKI G’FISH SCREW, 2 awesome colours and 6 sizes

This head is awesome for many different types of presentations and give your lures a real extra kick. The screw is in 2 parts, a twisted part to screw the lure on to and a straight part to centre the lure on the head. Rigged like this the lure is totally free and will always be perfectly positioned: get ready for insane vibrations! Thanks the wide range of sizes and colours, you will be able to pair it any lure in your tackle box.

A screw that will hold the lure but not damage it

The G’FISH SCREW has been designed for targeting pelagic specimen zander, perch and pike. The 2 eyes on this head enable you to rig it just as you want to. And, for pelagic fishing, the GUNKI V2IB fits it perfectly! The G’FISH SCREW is also great for linear style rigs. Try underweighting your lure to target big spring pike in shallow margins.

Great on the GUNKI V2IB

Perfect for the GUNKI G’BUMP

Thanks to the screw you can change heads on your lure time and time again and it will still be in perfect shape and no need for glue, your lure will never come off. It is the jig head for anglers that only want to take essential gear when they go fishing.


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Yannick Line, Pro Fishing Guide in France.