The GAMERA SLIM SP is one of the many new lures in the 2017 GUNKI range. It exists in 2 sizes, 11 and 12,8cm and 11 colours. As its name implies, it is a suspending lure and also a slimmer version of the original GUNKI GAMERA jerkbait.

The GUNKI GAMERA SLIM, take your pick!

This lure is a bit more than a jerkbait, its unique shape and balancing makes it a multi-action minnow. When fished on a steady retrieve, its action is tight and lively, flashing its flanks like no other. What’s more, this lure also can be fished “on the spot” thanks to the downwards angle of its head. If you twitch it with a slack line, when the lure is stopped, it will do what we call a “roll twitch” which basically means that it dives forward, stops and then rolls on spot. This is an absolute killer action to fish tight holes in weed beds or to insist just next to where that big fish is hiding.

The GUNKI GAMERA SLIM, a twichbait!

This range of lures also boasts the garage craft Simon Torenbeek colours (ST) like the Red Head ST. Thanks to such a variety of colours, you will be able to use it any water conditions, be it crystal clear or dark chocolate. The 2 sizes, 110mm and 128mm are complementary, and paired with the GAMERA 128SP and the ZIGRA 130 and 150F, when it’s jerkbait time you’ll be just spoilt for choice!

David Pierron, Pro guide, has high expectations for The GUNKI GAMERA SLIM.

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Yannick Line, Pro Fishing Guide in France.