The PEPS is one of the many new lures in the 2017 GUNKI range. It exists in 3 sizes, 7, 9 and 12cm and 6 colours. There are some more colours in the range, available in 2 different kits that we’ll see a bit later on. The PEPS, thanks to its shape and the plastic it’s made of, comes alive at the slightest twitch, an absolute killer for slow applications. The almost vertical angle and concave shape of its paddle tail gives it a unique “S” motion swimming action that enhances a dizzy rolling action. The PEPS will flip from right to left, making its flanks shine and produce powerful visual and vibratory signals.

The GUNKI PEPS, a soft lure that packs a real punch!

This is the perfect lure for fishing with really light jig heads, classic or articulated, in shallow water! On its belly and back, runs a grove specially designed to lodge a texas style hook enabling you to cast into the thickest cover. Rig it on the new G’TEX or G’FLIP heads and explore, vertical or linear style, the murky underwater realm.

The GUNKI PEPS perfectly fits the G’FLIP heads.

Back to the colours, the PEPS is available in 6 base colours, plus 2 different kits, one for clear water and one for dark water situations. These kits are just what you need to face the conditions you’ll meet all year round on, in or beside the water.

Face anything nature can throw at you with GUNKI PEPS kits.

The PEPS may be new to the 2017 range, but something tells me that we’ll read quite a bit about it this year!

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Yannick Line, Pro Fishing Guide in France.