On the 13th, 14th and 15th of January 2017 the biggest French fishing trade show, the Carrefour National de la Pêche de Loisir, took place. Many anglers from near and far came to discover lures, reels, rods... so much fishing gear that most visitors looked like kids in a candy shop!

New 2017 reels.

None less than 7 new reels were on show for GUNKI this year, 3 spinning and 4 casting versions. Flag ship of the range, the THG FV is packed with technology and is smooth, precise and powerful. The 2500 size boast no less than 7kg of breaking power, top notch gear at GUNKI value for money! The SLX FV is an ultra compact reel with a longer than usual reel arm specially designed for vertical applications but that will also be great for ultra-light style fishing. The new UMI saltwater rods range has not been left out and the SWM series will fit them perfectly.

THG FV 2500

SLX FV 1000

For 2017, there are 4 new casting reels that cover almost all techniques. The BC 4000 XHD, a big bait reel with a 7.1 ratio that completes the XXL fishing range with the proven BCR 400 HD. A hi-speed retrieval version, 8.1 ratio and 80cm per handle turn, with the BC 200 XHS. For those wanting great value for money reels that are just perfect for getting started with this style of fishing, then the BC 200 NG or BC 200 ITC and it's double magnetic control casting drag are what you need.

BCR 4000 XD

BC 200 XHS

BC 200 NG

BC 200 ITC

New 2017 rods.

The famous Street Fishing rod series is back and this time with a touch of GUNKI! We have kept only the essential to make them lighter and even more sensitive. 4 models have a solid carbon tip which gives them an ultra fast action and sonar like detection capacities; the 3 others have a hollow carbon tip which gives them a more progressive, softer versatile action. The YURAI has a new casting rod that pike fanatics will love, the YURAI C 240-XH, which packs tons of power. For those that swear only by mono blank rods, then the YURAI C 240-XH is for you! Even if the sea was not next to where the show was held, the UMI saltwater rod range made its debut and caught the eye of many anglers.  Catfish addicts where thrilled to discover 3 new rods in the BOXING range, the JAB S-200 for dead baiting, the DIRECT S-170 for boat and float tube applications and the HOOK S-230, dedicated for lure fishing.


New 2017 lures.

Loads of new things in the lure range! The GAMERA SLIM 110 and 128, complete the jerk bait family with a touch of slenderness! They have a really tight swimming action and thanks to their fine tuned centre of gravity, can literally roll on spot! A lot smaller but just as deadly, the GAMERA 39F and 39HW, trout will love them. Talking about trout, the new Fario (brown trout) colour in the trout series was much appreciated by the connoisseurs. For top water applications, the new MEGALLON 75S is the sinking stick bait all asp anglers have been waiting for. For those that like to go finesse style, the HEDORAH 43F and MEGALLON 60F are just what you need. Last but not least, when it's deep crank bait time, then you now have the DD-GIGAN 73F, able to dive down to 5m of depth without ripping your arms off!






The JUNGLE and the PEPS are 2 new soft baits in the V-MAX range. The JUNGLE is a “cigar” shaped lure with a rounded body and chunky paddle tail. It generates high frequency vibrations and a tight rolling action. Ideal for covering water and specially designed to fit a texas style hook. Rigged on the new G’TEX head, the fish will have nowhere to hide! The PEPS is a more slow application lure, perfect for vertical fishing. It has an S style swimming action and also a powerful rolling action. It is also specially designed to fit texas style hooks like the G’TEX.




Bass anglers will be delighted with the new craw GUNKI has launched this year. The HOURRA CRAW instantly became the lure of the show, visitors and the live bass just loved it! Rigged on the new G’FLIP head, thanks to its floating pincers it acts just like a scared craw would do, bottom down & pincers up high. Also new to the BASS ADDICT range is the MEDUSA, the perfect skipping machine; You can even fish it walking the dog style! In the same vein, but a lot smaller, there’s the new NAIAD which is a small bug / nymph. This 5cm creepy crawler has been developed by the world’s best Czech trout anglers. Perch and chub will definitely find it to their taste!




Of course, it was not possible not to have some new jig head in the 2017 line-up. The number 1 attraction was the G’FLIP, less a real jig head but more a modular weight system. You can switch from 3.5g to 28g in the blink of an eye. It is possible to rig your lure on the provided screw or use a hook depending on what the conditions dictate. Another hot jig head was the G’TEX, which is a texas hook with a lead weight; the angle of the eye will enable you to use it linear style and produce deadly kick action movements. Available in a wide range of weights and hook sizes, it will cover any application from shallow margins to deep vertical fishing! There is also the G’FISH SCREW, a screw in head that pelagic and pike anglers will really appreciate. And, last but not least, 2 extra-strong jig heads, the G’ROUND PIKE SHORT SHANK, which has in the heavier version, an extra eye and the G’ROUND PIKE LONG SHANK, with hooks raging from 8/0 to 10/0, just what you need to rig XXL soft lures.




The show was also host to the award ceremony for the national fishing circuit, the FFPS Carnassiers. Jérémy Seguin, is the 2016 bank lure fishing champion and Mathieu Cabar, 2016 float tube lure fishing vice-champion. GUNKI power!

Mathieu Cabar & Jérémy Seguin, our champions

It was also during the show that the national boat and bank lure fishing teams where revealed. This year they will defend France in Italy and Russia. GUNKI is proud to be sponsor of these events and teams.

Team France 2017

This was just a quick review of what is new for 2017 but stay tuned as over the next few months there will be detailed articles on all the new gear. You’ll be able to read them here: If you have any questions contact us via the official Facebook page:

David Pierron, professional fishing guide in the east of France.