With the Gunki Pike and Catfish Addict range, size is no longer a problem. I love fishing for pike with ‘big’ lures and with this news series of hard and soft lure I am spoiled for choice!

There is the 15 and 19 cm Gunki Sweep Gun

The 16 and 20cm Gunki Roller Gun

And the 17cm Gunki Grubby Gun

All these lures are just the mouthful those big fish are looking for, just make sure you have got the right gear to use them, not just to be able to cast them but to be able to land those monster pike!
I tend to use the bigger lures, the 19cm Sweep Gun and the 20cm Roller Gun, when targeting specimen fish.

But if the fishing is hard and the fish not biting correctly I will ‘downsize’ and opt for the smaller versions, sometimes it is all you need to do get the fish in the boat.

If that still doesn’t work then it is time to fish with the pike killer, Mr. Grubby Gun. Even though the volume of the lure is quite important, the vibrations it creates are more diffuse and subtle, just what you need when the fish are spooky.

I usually use the Sweep Gun for slower and lighter style fishing rigged on the Gunki G’Foot jig head. The large paddle tail moves tons of water and has a seductive S swimming action.

The Roller Gun is my lure for prospecting fast fishing. Rigged on heavier jig heads like the G’Fish for stop & go type animations or on the G’Foot for linear style fishing.

The Grubby Gun is the ultimate extra slow fishing lure, the massive ultra mobile tail moves almost on its own. Paired with the G’Fish jig head, it is the winner combination for heavily fished waters.

I have been using the lures from this range on a daily basis for over a season as a pro guide or during my free time.

There is always a lure that will be just the right size, have the ideal color or create that specific vibration whatever the season or waters you are fishing. If I had to choose 2 colors, it would be the Fera and Green Apple. And the ideal gear to cast these beauties are the Gunki Bushi C-210 H and C-220 XH+ casting rod or the S-218 H and S-220 XH+ spinning rods.

Vincent de Bruyne