For many, drop-shot techniques rime with small lures and finesse fishing well, I like to fish XXL style with the awesome 18cm GUNKI V2RIGGLE and when the fishing is hard, size can make a big difference. Fishing like this is perfect when you want to target specimen fish located in an ultra small zone or when the bottom is a potential lure cemetery.

You need a bit more powerful gear compared to classical drop-shotting. In order to present the 18cm V2RIGGLE correctly, you’ll need to use a relatively heavy weight and to do so I generally use the YURAI S-210H rod. As for the rest of the tackle, like to use a round shaped lead or the 21g GUNKI TEAR DROP SHOT LEAD, 1.5 metres of 0.30 FLUOROCARBONE ICE, a single hook and, if ever the fish are shy, a stinger hook.

The animation will be rather minimalist as the lure swims on its own and that is the key when the fish to seem be on "off mode". Its swimming action could be compared to a light rolling and its ultra mobile cut-out body generates subtle vibrations that, helped by the shape of its finesse tail, produce a signal that the fish haven't yet felt. Rigged drop-shot style, the slightest movement of the rod is instantly transmitted under the surface and gives life to the lure. The sculpted profile of this soft bait is ideal to retain attractant, making the lure even deadlier on days when a little help is needed to get the fish to bite. The V2RIGGLE is available in 3 sizes 13, 15 and 18cm, I have to admit that, as a specimen hunter, the biggest size is my favourite!

I love fishing like this when a more classical vertical style presentation doesn't work. Some days, really insisting on the same spot can make a big difference. Be it on a detection spotted on the screen of the fish finder or around an underwater structure, the slower you fish, the better. As the fish do not want to come to you, you must go to them and get as close as possible with a meal that they just cannot refuse!

This style of fishing has not only enabled me to catch many really nice sized perch and zander, but also one of the biggest pike of the season!

Well, for the moment… ! If you have any questions you can contact me via the French official Facebook page:


See you soon

Pascal Lorenz