Everyone has dreamt of it, Kanalgratis did it! Forget American Idol this show gives kids, aged from 10 to 15, the chance of a lifetime to prove that they have what it takes to become a PIKE HERO. The adventure started at the 2016 Sport Fiske Massan fishing fair in Sweden. Many came for the auditions, but only 12 made it past the jury. These budding pike anglers will then be faced with a grueling series of practical tests on Lake Sibbo at the end of which only the 4 best will be kept. Then it will be showdown time as the kids will form teams of 2 and battle it out in a Fly vs. Jerk style for 3 days. The winning team will be the first ever PIKE HEROs, the next generation of Pro Anglers.

There will be 10 episodes in this awesome series all with English, French, Dutch subtitles. Stay tuned as a new episode will be released every Saturday at 21:00 CEST until the 10th of September. Gunki is proud to be part of this unique concept.