Even though the teams had 48 hours to register, for the main countries like France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands it was all done in a matter of minutes. Sometimes, up to 3 teams registered in the same second! The first 5 valid teams per country where automatically qualified for the competition, for the others, the number able to qualify is proportional to the total number of teams per country. This year 168 valid teams registered but not all will take part, only the fastest!

For the 2016 edition of the Gunki Iron Tournament:

France: 30 teams

Germany: 30 teams

Netherlands: 26 teams

Belgium: 14 teams

England: 5 teams

Italy: 5 teams

Swiss: 4 teams

Poland: 3 teams

Romania: 3 teams

Luxembourg: 3 teams

Lithuania: 2 teams

Czech Republic: 2 teams

Hungary: 1 team

Sweden: 1 team

Morocco: 1 team

Total teams: 120 representing 15 nations.

To discover the teams that will take part in this year's edition visit the web site (click on the link): www.gunki-irontournament.com

The teams now have a bit more than 2 months to prepare physically and mentally for this extreme 24 hours non-stop street fishing competition. Each year we know exactly how many team will start the event but never how many will finish! Over the next few weeks the contestants will receive all the necessary information to help them prepare their crazy adventure and plan their winning strategy. Until then, stay tuned on the Gunki Iron Tournament Facebook fan page for regular updates: www.facebook.com/GunkiIronTournament.

The registrations are closed and there are no extra places, but for any other questions send us a mail: gunkitournament@gmail.com

Don’t be a pretender, be with us in Rotterdam for the 2016 edition of the Gunki Iron Tournament on the 24th & 25th of September!