Being perfectly prepared for a day on the water is what we all want to be.  However, faced with such a wide variety of fishing gear available, how do you make the best choice? What strategy, which lures, which rod… the choice is endless! Through a series of 3 articles, I will try to answer these many questions as clearly and simply as possible.

So, first “cast”: how to choose the right rod and reel combo?

Be sure to pick the right combo to be able to land the fish of your dreams!

The choice of ‘THE’ rod, or even more so a set of rods, is a really hard one to make, but I am certain that in the Gunki range there is at least one (if not more) that will be just what you are looking for.

The new 2014 Shigeki series: spinning rods ranging from 190cm to 210cm and from light to medium heavy.
The Bushi series: spinning and casting rods ranging from 180cm to 260cm and from light to extra heavy +.
The Saburau series: spinning and casting rods ranging from 183cm to 260cm and from medium light to extra heavy.

The “S” stands for spinning rod, with the reel under the rod and the “C” for casting rod, with the reel on top.

The Gunki Bushi C-220XH+ in action.

“Fish on” for Gunki Bushi S-180L.

For street fishing aficionados, the Pandora range is what you are looking for

Check out that curve on the Pandora Perch Seduction S-220ML

To try and help you make your choice, here is a selection of essential combos (rod-reel-line)

100% pure Gunki set up: Shigeki S-190M rod, Bushi FV2000 reel, “finess braid” PE tracer braid, Ice Fluorocarbon, Grubby Shad on a G’Foot Guard jig head!

Want a pike? You need the Gunki Bushi C-220 XH+ rod, the Gunki HIS BC 200 reel and a Gunki Itoka 210 swimbait!

Gunki HIS reel, the muscle you need to drop those lunkers in the boat!

I hope that this article will help you chose your Gunki rod and reel combo…next one up is to help you choose the right hardbait!

David Bourdet, Gunki and Pezon & Michel Pro Team