There’s one lure that I really love to use in spring and summer time: the Gunki Grubby Frog. It exists in 2 sizes: 2,8’’ (7cm) and 4,7’’ (12 cm) and is available in 7 different colours.

The Grubby Frog rigged on a weighted texas style hook – fished on the Yurai C-210H rod & BC 2000 HG HIS reel combo

For those familiar with the “Grubby” family there is no mistaking this lures heritage: chubby, a slightly demented look and an absolute predator magnet! The specificity of this lure resides in its double tapered curly tail which gives it an unmistakable froggy look.

A short video showing the crazy swimming action of the Grubby Frog, don’t forget to watch the other videos on the Gunki TV

I mostly use this all terrain lure on a weighted or weightless texas style hook and cast it right into the middle of the weeds or lily pads as that is exactly where the fish will be hiding. I will make it swim on the surface and, when the weeds become too thick, skim it over them or rest it like a lazy sunbathing frog would, just before diving into the water... absolutely lethal!

The Grubby Frog a weapon of mass destruction when targeting fish in weeds

You can also use the Grubby Frog like any other soft bait by simply rigging it on a classical jig head. Wrongly, few anglers use it this way and when the fishing is slow, the different vibrations its twin tapered curly tail produce can really save the day. Try it vertical style too and you might be very, very surprised!

The Grubby Frog, perfect on a jig head.

The Grubby Frog is one of a kind but to leave it at home could be a very big mistake!


See you soon

David Bourdet.