Last year I wrote a review on the Dogora 65F, and since then, with this little shallow crankbait I have caught countless fish. To read this review, just click on the link: Dogora 65F Much to my delight, this year, the Dogora has grown a few centimeters and put on a bit of weight!

Dogora 65 vs Dogora 100 

Like its’ little brother the Dogora 100 is a shallow crankbait, which means that it is designed for fishing shallow areas. As it will dive down to about .5 to 1m, it is perfect to fish zones that are 2 to 2.5m deep. It is also THE lure to use when fishing weed beds, imagine that you are prospecting a zone of weed beds in about 3-4m of water, the Dorgora will evolve just above it, spot in that lurking pikes’ strike zone.

A pike caught this winter while fishing a weed bed.

You can also use this lure in really shallow spots; I have caught pike in less than 50cm of water when fishing the margins. All you have to do is to slow your retrieval speed and aim the tip of your rod upwards.

A pike caught in less than 50cm while fishing around a brush pile.

Like its’ smaller brother, the Dogora 100 has a crazy rolling action that produces tons of vibrations. It has that long distance “calling” capacity that makes it perfect for fishing large bodies of water. A little tip: to make it dive deeper, cast as far as possible and point the tip of your rod towards the surface, the closer you get to get to the waters' surface, the deeper the Dogora will run. It is a very easy lure to use; you just have to cast it and retrieve slowly, punctuated every now and then with an acceleration followed by a pause.

So now just grab a Dogora 100F, your favourite combo and start casting! Beware, even though it is an excellent pike lure, cat fish seem to really like it too! Give it a try as soon as the season starts and don’t forget to share your catches with us on our Facebook page with #Gunki and #NoReleaseNoGlory

David B