Fishing for specimen pike needs a certain amount of preparation. It also implies a good dose of abnegation, pugnacity and humility. As you will be casting lures of a 100 to 200g all day long, you will need a perfectly balanced combo, every ounce of power possible to set that hook and sufficient muscle to show a monster pike who’s the boss, basically, you are going to need a specialized big bait rod.

In order to satisfy a constantly growing number of specimen hunters wanting to use XXL hard and soft baits, Gunki has developed 2 ranges of top notch big bait rods:


The Shigeki C 230 XXXH

It is my favourite rod for 2015 and not just because with it I beat, not once but twice, my personal best for pike! With a length of 230cm and a specifically designed blank, it is perfect to cast oversize lures at great distances. Despite its’ awesome power, you can feel the slightest change in the vibrations produced by your lure which is often the telltale indicator of a pike following with its’ nose almost touching your rig. You have more than sufficient power packed all the way down the carbon weave of the rods’ butt to always have the upper hand. I use this rod when fishing with lures ranging from 80 to 180gr.

The Iron T  C 240 XXXH

New to the 2016 Gunki range, the Iron T 2400 XXXH is a rod on steroids, 240cm long, able to cast lures up to 200g it is a big bait catapult! Perfectly at ease with lures ranging from 100 to 150g, be it with a swimbait or traction style, you’ll be able to cast for hours without fatigue. The extra long handle section and the overpowered blank are the secret to insanely powerful strikes and total control all through epic fights.

For these 2 rods I strongly advise you to pair them with the Gunki BCR 400 bait casting reel, you can read a recent review by clicking on the link.

The Iron T  S 230 SH++

This spinning rod has been designed to offer the same performances as the casting range. Perfect for those who cannot get used to using bait casting gear or when the wind hinders casting capabilities. It is THE spinning rod to fish big bait style with swim baits and XXL shads. Even though the Iron T S 230 SH++ casting range is 21 to 110g, it’s perfectly able to cast lures of 150g. If you’re after beating your PB for pike, this rod is for you.

Specimen hunting means that you will not have many bites per session, so you must have the correct gear that you just know will never let you down! Don’t forget to share your catches with us on our Facebook page with #Gunki and #NoReleaseNoGlory

David Pierron

Fishing Guide in Alsace-Lorraine