New to the range in 2015, the G’Bump has already made itself a name in the specimen pike fishing scene but, it has also proven to be a killer on other species. I will do a review on that in a future article but, in this one, I will explain how to rig this awesome lure when targeting pike. If you need convincing well just take a look at the first episode of “Fish Spotting” (click on the link) and discover how the 14cm Gunki G’Bump caught some monster Spanish pike!



Simple, quick & efficiency are the 3 keys to a good rig but, for that, you need the right gear.

14cm G’Bumps (the Gunki Clippers work well too).

G’Round Jig heads

51°° Ice Flurocarbone


Split rings

Crimping pliers

Size 8 treble hooks

Barrel swivels

A Bollie needle


Rig 1

It’s the easiest and quickest one to do. You rig the lure on the jig head, tie the size 8 treble to the Flurocarbone with a figure 8 knot, cut the tag end, thread the sleeve on, pass the line through the eye of the jig head and back through the sleeve and then crimp at the desired length. Done, ready to fish!

Perfect for fishing above weed beds, you cast, let sink as deep as you want and retrieve as slowly as possible.


Rig 2

Slightly more complicated than the 1st one, but as quick to do once you’ve mastered it. Rig the lure on the jig head. Fit the barrel swivel to the split ring and the split ring to the size 8 treble. Tie a loop to the desired length. Thread the loop through the lure and pass the hook of the jig head through it, only the last eye of the swivel must be visible. The rig is now ready. Depending on how the fish are biting, you can move the treble towards or away from the head of the lure. It’s the ideal rig when fishing for pike in deep water as the they often take the lure from underneath. The swivel helps reduce loosing fish during the fight.


A little tip

Sometimes pike react really well to the vibrations created by metal blades, if it’s the case, add a Gunki Fix’Flash blade, it can save the day!

David B.