The pike season is about to start in France and there is one lure that I will definitely not be leaving at home: the new Gunki spinner bait, the Spinnaker. In this article I will explain why, how and where to use this awesome lure.


1) Why use a spinner bait?

The spinner bait is a great crossover lure capable of fishing almost anywhere, great for pike it can also prove deadly for other species too. It's THE lure you can cast into lily pads, dead wood and rocky zones without snagging up.

A patch of lily pads, a perfect early season holding place for pike


2) What makes a good spinner bait?

Basically 3 things:

1 - To be as snag proof as possible.

2 - To fish on the descent, as soon as it hits the surface, the blades must be able to turn just with the movement created by lure as it falls to the bottom or the slightest tension of your line.

3 - To catch fish!

Gunki now has just that lure and it's called the Spinnaker. Available in 3 sizes (7g, 14g & 21g) and 6 colours, this year, the poor fish will not stand a chance!

The Spinnaker, 3 sizes 7g, 14g & 21g


3) What gear to use?

I prefer to fish with casting gear when using spinner baits as they enable you to fish faster and are more reactive, the instant the lure touches the surface you can start retrieving. The added control you have also means you can "land" the lure in silence and with pinpoint precision.

My choice of gear for this season will be:   

- Yuraï C-210H 10-35g rod

- Gunki BC2000 HG reel

- Green 20/°°Color braid.

- 1m20 of 34/°° Ice fluorocarbone + 20 cm of 80/°° as terminal leader

- Snaps to be able to change lure quickly. The Spinnakers all have plastic retainer rings so the snap will never slip.

Nice perch caught by Mathieu Cabar


4) How to use them ?

The spinner bait is the ideal lure for power fishing (fishing as fast as possible), common use in competitions as it enables anglers to cover vast areas in a very short lapse of time. So you need to follow the banks and cast right into the middle of the weed-beds, lily patches and wood piles. As soon as the lure hits the surface, keep a slight tension on the line and let it sink, once on the bottom, start retrieving. If you feel a bite or see your braid move to the side, strike, reel and pray! It's one of those situations where if you give the fish a chance it will win.

A pike caught right in the middle of a wood pile.


5) Can you boost a spinner bait ?

Of course you can, and sometimes you must do so! All you need to do is to add a soft bait, a "trailer" on the hook. This will give extra volume and create more vibrations. The ideal lures are the thin, long, twisty type; for me, the Gunki C'Eel Worm, is just perfect. You can use a shad type lure but make sure that it doesn't create parasite vibrations or unbalance the spinner bait.  

Spinnaker + C'Eel Worm: the perfect combination

So now you know all you need to do about the THE lure I will be using this year when the season starts: the Gunki Spinnaker, just make sure you have a few next time you hit the water. Don't forget to share your catches with us on the Gunki Facebook group!


See you soon

David Bourdet