The Gunki Clipper is the ideal lure to associate with the G’Bump (certified big pike lure!) and its’ shad tail and powerful vibrations, whereas the Clipper with its grub style tail produces more subtle vibrations.  Perfect for really slow fishing actions, the tail moves effortlessly, making it the lure to use when the pike are shy. You can speed the retrieve up without any problems, as the lure will not spin around itself; I like to use the Pike Addict G’Foot jig head when fishing like that and if you want to add some up & down animations, rig it on the G’Round jig head. Be sure to tighten your grip on your rod as the Clipper starts its descent. It is often then that the fish will intercept it with violence, as the lure flashes its flanks and drops back to the bottom. If the water is clear you’ll be able to watch this crazy action as it happens!

Since its debuts, I have already caught countless fish with this lure, be it with clients when guiding or with Fred Jullian and Yannick Line from the Gunki Pro Staff.

Like the G’Bump this lure is on its the way to be classed as a “Big Pike Lure”, like the 15kg one Tero Paakki from Sweden caught on it. One thing is for sure: I’m not leaving home without my box of Gunki Clippers, tough luck Mr Pike!


Vincent de Bruyne