It’s no secret that I’m always in search of the perfect rod for my clients when pike fishing on the Léman Lake. At last with the Gunki Bushi series, Pezon & Michel have given me just what I was looking for: the Bushi S200XH.

This mono section rod enables me to fish the entire Gunki range of hard and soft baits, from 18 to 60gr, which I usually use. It’s the type of rod you can fish effortlessly for hours nonstop. Able to reach almost unreal casting distances, it remains light, reactive and highly sensitive. I have to admit that I have not found better when fishing for pike or perch in 25 meters or more depth.

Faultless when it comes to overall performance, the smallest bite is instantly transmitted to your palm even when using big soft lure in great depths. Its high modular blank absorbs the craziest runs and gives you that reassuring sense of control even with the biggest fish. Check out its action on this 110+ pike:

For the last 2 years this rod has been THE rod that I and my clients use. Be it fishing for small or big pike, jerking, cranking, swimming style, I just haven’t found anything better! So if you want a great all-round rod, take control and try the Bushi S200XH!

Ludovic Briet, Guide de Pêche Pro Lac Léman et rivières

Guide Pro Team Pezon et Michel