Predatory fish love to eat worms and the Vista Worm is a lure from the “worm” family as implies its name, but the Gunki Vista Worm is not an ordinary worm, it’s a super worm with almost magical power!

A highly educated 56cm river bass that fell for an irresistible Gunki Vista Worm


Vista Worm Id

This lure is more than just an imitation of a worm, its whole body is ringed, which produce micro vibrations that fish just cannot resist. The rings of its tail are bigger giving it an ultra mobile & reactive action. The body section is not round (its back is flat and belly is rounded) so, depending on where you place the hook, you can radically change the way it acts in the water. Although it may sound funny, this lure is as good as it smells, well if you are a fish! Loaded with salt and boosted with “worm” flavour, the bass just love it.    

You can rig it many ways, try a classic white or yellow jig head and you may just land the zander of your dreams! For now I’ll explain how I fish the Gunki Vista Worm Wacky & Texan style.


The Wacky rig

Rigging a lure this way may seem a bit strange, but it really gives your lure that almost life like action. All you have to do is to hook your lure by the middle, through its flat back. The single hook can be weighted depending on the depth you wish to fish it at. Here are a few ways to “weight” your lure:

- By using a lead or tungsten insert.
- By adding a split shot that you fit to your line just above the hook.
- By using a “wacky” jig head.

Above a weightless rig with an weed-guard hook, bellow a weighted rig.


I like to use the Gunki Shigeki S190L or S198ML rod paired with the Gunki FG FV 250 reel that I spool with an 0.11 Slide Braid and a 2 meter leader of 0.19 Ice Flurocarbone.

It’s a dead easy technique to fish; you just have to cast your lure as close as possible to where you want to fish. If you have overhanging branches, “skip” your lure across the surface. Keep your line slack as the lure sinks, by doing so the Vista Worm will wiggle its way down to that big mean bass. As soon as your line moves laterally, strike and hold tight!


The Texan rig

Rigged this way, the hook is located towards the head of the lure and its point hidden in it. You can use it weighted or weightless to fish even the heaviest cover: branches, weeds…

As I will be fishing in the cover with this rig, I use the slightly more powerful Gunki Shigeki S190M rod, a Gunki FG FV 250 reel spooled with 0.13 Slide Braid and a 0.29 Ice Flurocarbone leader. Cast right in the middle of the branches and let it sink to the bottom, you can try a little shaking action and if you feel the slightest nibble, strike and muscle that fish of where it’s hiding!

Rigged Waky or Texas style, the Gunki Vista Worm is a black-bass killer… but not only, pike, perch, zander and catfish love it too, so just remember to keep a firm hold on that rod!


David B