New to the Gunki range this year, the Dogora will be without doubt a best seller! Don’t be fooled by its’ small size as many fish have already fallen for it and some really nice pike still regret doing so! Focus on the Dogora

This lure is a shallow crank bait… now what is that? Simply a lure that is perfect for shallow zones! The Dogora is a lure for fishing anywhere from 50cm to 2 meters of depth or just above weeds.

It has got a relatively small square bill which gives it an ultra powerful rolling action, the lure literally throws itself from left to right and pike just love that!

It is very easy to use and if you fancy catching a pike, all you need is to tie on this lure and find a roughly 2 meters deep zone or a weedy area! A soon as it hits the surface, retrieve it slowly and you’ll instantly feel the powerful rolling motion it generates. You can add a twitch or two or a “stop & go” styled animation can work wonders as it floats slowly to the surface. If the water is really shallow, tip of your rod up as high as possible, or if it’s deep, tip touching the surface and you’ll gain a few precious centimeters.

Due to its’ size, the Dogora is a multi species lure, perch and bass love it. For perch, as soon as the temperatures raises and they start hunting in shallow currents, it’s time to cast the Dogora! For black bass, tip of your rod up, try buzzing it just under the surface, and watch them crush it!

You’ll be hearing a lot about this lure in 2015… just make sure you get a few before they sell out!


Text : David Bourdet

photo David Bourdet & Mathieu Cabar