Ladies and gentlemen, let me present the now famous V²IB.


The genesis of the V²IB project.

I discovered the V²IB a few years ago during a boat session on the Seine River with Jérôme RIFFAUD, the GUNKI Product Manager. He presented me his prototype, a mix of different bits of lures reshaped and glued together! Very excited, he explained the concept which immediately seemed brilliant and yet so simple: the association of a thin paddle tail and a dorsal membrane. A few adjustments later and the V²IB was born!

Jérôme RIFFAUD, Gunki Product Manager


The V²IB by Gunki: technical data sheet.

  • 3 sizes: 4.1 inches (10.5 cm) / 4.9 inches (12.5 cm) / 5.7 inches (14.5 cm).
  • Weight without jig head: 4.1 inches, 6.5g / 4.9 inches, 11.2g / 5.7 inches, 17g.
  • 8 colours for 2020: UV Ghost Ayu, Secret Bleak, Ghost Zander, Orange Chart Belly, Brown Chart, Marshmallow, Milk Paradise & Red Ghost


Small details that make all the difference.

  • A shad type lure with a slender shape that perch and zander particularly appreciate.
  • Specific colours that the Percidae family love.
  • Eye signal that reinforces its natural look.
  • Double vibration with the membrane on its back and the thin paddle tail.
  • Minimal vibrations produced even at very low speeds.

A unique lure with a killer action !


What makes it so special?

The V²IB is not a typical shad, it really stands out thanks to the combination of the membrane and a small paddle type tail. The paddle of the tail is rather thin and produces short and fast vibrations as soon as the lure moves. These vibrations are different from other shad style lures which often make stronger vibrations, this can be a real game changer when fishing is hard. The membrane on the back gives it that little plus that makes all the difference. Like a fin, it produces very subtle signals, even when fished vertically.

At hyper slow speeds, your lure produces signals that can often trigger the attack where another lure would not.  With faster style animations, the paddle and membrane will come to life and produce different vibrations that will trigger the predator’s curiosity.

The perfect lure to trick a big zander


How I use the V²IB.

More than once, the V²IB has given us the upper hand in national competitions, especially when the predators have seen many other lures pass by. It really excels on heavily fished areas where, even when fishing behind other anglers, the V²IB triggers attacks.

  • Linear retrieval style: I cast the V²IB to the desired spot, let it sink to the bottom and then twitch it up and start to retrieve more or less quickly. The weight of the jig head has its importance. Light and your lure will tend to glide, heavy and it will have a more aggressive swimming action. The trick is  to try different options until you find the flavour of the day.
  • Vertical style: adapt the weight of the weighted head to the depth, the current and the drift speed, let the lure sink to the bottom under your boat / float tube, lift your lure a few centimetres and start drifting. You need to find the right speed, it can vary from very slow (almost still) up to very fast (1 or even 2 km/h or more if you’re going with the flow), it will depend on the conditions and the fish. A little "twitch" every now and then can work wonders some days!
  • This lure is also a killer when fished on a drop-shot rig!

The ideal lure for vertical applications


Jig heads, an essential bit of kit.

  • Choose your jig heads carefully, they are as important as the lure. For linear fishing, I use the G'SLIDE, for vertical fishing I use the G'VERTI. The colour of the jig head is also essential, the "Orange Fluo Yellow" versions are interesting in tainted water whereas the "Natural Black" ones are generally better adapted to clearer waters... but as there are no rules when fishing, even now and then, it pays to try the opposite!
  • Some days, a football style jig head will do the trick by giving your lure a light rolling action and therefore extra vibrations. For this, the G'FOOT heads are perfect.
  • Always take a wide selection of weights to be able to cover all the conditions you may meet.

The G'Verti, built for vertical fishing


What rod and reel to use?

When fishing cast & retrieve, two styles contend, those who prefer spinning rods and those who prefer casting rods:

  • With spinning style techniques, you can use the CHOOTEN S-198 ML or the S-210 M combined with a Gunki THG FV 1000 or 1500 reel. The new SKYWARD rods are also ideal with the "TACTIL" models S-190 M and the S-190 MH if fishing from a boat or a float-tube and the S-240 MH or S-270 MH when fishing from the bank. With casting style techniques, the Gunki Iron-T Chooten C-220 MH rod is just perfect, paired with a BC200 THG reel you will have a top-of-the-range combo.
  • When it’s vertical time, the spinning enthusiasts tend to dominate, the Chooten S-183 MH and the S-186 H are two gems that are just what you need to feel exactly what’s going on under the surface. Aficionados of the Skyward range will love the "Tactil S190 MH" model and, once again, the Gunki THG FV 1000 or 1500 reel will be perfect for these rods. You can also fish vertical style with casting gear, it’s ideal when fishing venues where the depth varies a lot or for anglers holding the electric motor remote. In the range, two rods are specifically designed for this style of fishing: Iron-T Chooten C-183 MH and the C-193 H.

The S-198 ML, a dream rod!


Using the V²IB as a trailer.

I also often use the V²IB as a trailer, hooked behind a spinnerbait, a jig or a chatterbait. Their slender profile is perfectly suited for this application. Once again, the double vibration of the tail and the membrane really boost the vibrations produced by the SPINNAKER, BOOMER or the brand new HOVERJIG.

The V²IB range of lures is perfectly suited for both vertical and linear fishing for Percidae. But, be warned, pike have a soft spot for this lure too! It is also a lure that will also surprise you if you give it a go in saltwater, sea bass just love it!

Pike love it too!


Thanks to its specific vibrations, it gets the fish to bite when all else fails. For me it’s my “trump” lure when the fishing gets tough, my V²IB box is the one box I’ll never leave at home!

David Bourdet