The GUNKI DOTS range of spinners is great for exploring streams and small to medium rivers. The profile of each nail- shaped blade starts spinning on contact with water and stays spinning no matter what the retrieval speed without pulling too hard on the rod tip in faster flows.
Available sizes 0,1and 2. Each size comes in a Light (L) and Heavy (H) version so you can adapt to different swims and change depths without having to change spinner size, very important when one size of spinner is getting more bites than others.
All DOTS spinners are fitted with rolling swivel to reduce line twist. The hooks are attached by a split ring so you can customise each lure if needed (single hook, barbless hooks, replace blunt hooks…)
We have worked on co-ordinating the blade, bead and teaser colours on each model to optimise the triggers that are likely to get you a positive take.

The spinners are available in three styles:
NUDE: Classic spinners without paint or teasers available in silver, copper and gold. Must have lures and proven fish catchers.
SPOTTED: Spots of colour on the blade and coloured beads create colour combinations that provoke bites and result in more positive takes
FLY: The hook is dressed with feathers and other materials to increase the volume of each spinner and add an extra trigger feature. The teaser material helps keep the hook clear of weeds.